Get a Scholarship with these 10 Tips

Get a Scholarship with these 10 Tips

Typically, scholarships are awarded by private organizations and schools. Check out the following tips to help you enjoy maximum scholarship opportunities:

1. Get involved during high school with community service events. 

2. Speak with your guidance counselor at high school to find out the details on regional and local scholarship information. Certain high schools often have a scholarship coordinator who is a guidance counselor that has all the pertinent details. 

3. Generate a resume for success starting in your freshman year and all the way until your senior year. Taking note of your accomplishments annually will help you stay organized when it comes to applying for scholarships. 

4. Apply early during the start of your senior year. You will want to note early application deadlines and take advantage of these scholarships.

5. Use your individual voice to write your scholarship application. Rely on spell check or Grammarly and ask someone to proofread your essay.

6. Scholarships are being added constantly to different databases. Take time to search as many as possible.

7. Will you require a scholarship interview? If yes, be sure to dress professionally and appropriately. Ensure your social media profiles do not have any inappropriate photos or content. Remember, you only have one chance to make a positive first impression. 

8. During your freshman year, apply for upper-class scholarships. This is a great way to see what the requirements look like. There are scholarships available for juniors and sophomores even if you get denied in your freshman year. 

9. Read the instructions closely and be mindful of the details. You will want to ensure you fill out your application correctly and have added all requested items. Certain scholarships require financial information to establish the candidate's need so you will need time to gather this type of information.  

10. Remember that scholarship deadlines occur all throughout the year. Create a spreadsheet to keep your scholarship deadlines on time and organized. Note your due dates a few days or a week before they are really due to give yourself adequate time.