Top Careers in Big Data

Top Careers in Big Data

Big data is part of our daily lives. It is responsible for transforming businesses and driving growth around the globe, making it a major component of the world economy.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that by 2028, occupations related to Big Data will expand by twelve percent. This projection creates over 546,000 jobs in that timeframe. 

The top companies will be looking for highly skilled professionals to tackle numerous roles. Adept professionals with adequate skills can be difficult to find. Data jobs pay excellently for individuals with the right expertise. 

Careers in big data can enjoy significant salaries. These types of jobs are dramatically increasing in demand. Most jobs in the field enjoy salaries ranging well above six figures. Above-market pay is standard for many companies thanks to the highly specific talent required. 

Most of these careers are seeking candidates who can offer advanced degrees combined with experience. This is a fast-paced field that is continually evolving. 

Approximately 80% of all analytics job postings and data science are looking for employees with a minimum of 3 years of work experience. Most of the high-paying roles are requiring candidates with a relevant master's degree. 

So, how do you know which big data careers pay the most? The following list can break down some of the most popular career choices and what is required to obtain the job. 

What Are the Best Careers in Big Data?

1) Database Manager, Estimated Annual Salary Range: $111K-$186K

Database managers identify problems that occur in databases, take corrective action to remedy those issues, and assist with the design and physical implementation of storage hardware and maintenance. 

These professionals work closely with database developers and often provide guidance and training to lower-level staff.

2) Data Warehouse Manager, Estimated Annual Salary Range: $80K-$160K

Data warehouse managers are responsible for the storage and analysis of data in facilities. These professionals use performance and usage metrics to evaluate data, analyze data load, and monitor job usage. They may be responsible for identifying and mitigating potential risks to data storage and transfer. 

3) Big Data Engineer, Estimated Annual Salary Range: $130K-$220K

Like data analysts, big data engineers are responsible for turning large data volumes into insights that businesses can utilize to make better company decisions. These engineers are also essential in analyzing, reporting, interpreting, and retrieving a company's data. Typically, they use numerous sources to gather this information. 

These professionals are commonly responsible for maintaining and creating the company's hardware and software architecture. This includes all the processes and systems users rely on to compile that specific data. 

4) Data Architect, Estimated Annual Salary Range: $120K-$193K

Data Architects have the task of designing complex data framework structures. They are also responsible for maintaining and building these databases. These professionals create strategies for every subject area surrounding the enterprise data model. They must effectively communicate with the company's executive team regarding issues, status and plans.

5) Data Modeler, Estimated Annual Salary Range: $80K-170K

A Data Modeler takes huge volumes of data and turns it into various insights including macro and micro trends. This data is then transferred into business reports to give companies specific snapshots they can utilize to influence marketing decisions and finances. 

Data modelers need to be skilled in statistical analysis and information science. To be successful in this career, they need to have excellent programming capabilities. 

These professionals may choose to specialize in a certain business area, making it simpler to navigate specific data trends for the companies they work for. 

6) Data Scientist, Estimated Annual Salary Range: $105K-$180K 

Data scientists construct and design fresh processes for production, data mining and modeling. They conduct product experiments, develop prototypes and initiate data studies, along with custom analysis, predictive models and algorithms. 

Typically, employers are seeking work experience from a similar position. Data scientists need to be skilled in various techniques for data mining including decision trees, regression analysis and clustering to be successful in this role. 

7) Data Analyst, Estimated Annual Salary Range: $83K-$142K 

Data Analysts work with copious amounts of data. They transform this information into business insights that can be leveraged to make more efficient decisions. 

These professionals are abundant in numerous industries. They work in technology, retail, healthcare and finance. Data Analysts are continually improving their own systems to ensure that it is easier to relay insights in the future. The main goal is to analyze huge data sets and create methods so they can be scaled and reproduced much easier. 

8) Database Administrator, Estimated Annual Salary Range: $79K-$160K 

Database Administrators have the job of optimizing and monitoring database performance. They are looking to avoid any potential issues that can cause damage from constant high traffic and excessive access. 

Database Administrators coordinate with IT security professionals to maintain data security. These professionals typically have previous experience working in an environment with teams in database administration. 

9) Business Intelligence Analyst, Estimated Annual Salary Range: $88K-$185K

Business intelligence analysts turn companies’ data into insights that executives can use to make better business decisions. These professionals often respond to management’s requests for specific information but might also be expected to scrutinize data independently to find patterns and trends. 

Business intelligence analysts should have a strong background in analytical and reporting tools, several years of experience with database queries and stored procedure writing, as well as online analytical processing (OLAP) and data cube technology skills. 

10) Database Developer, Estimated Annual Salary Range: $101K-$172K

Database Developers have the responsibility of analyzing database processes to streamline, modernize or remove current coding that is inefficient. They work alongside other employees of the development team. 

These professionals are typically required to have previous experience with unit testing, data analysis and database development. They are often tasked with troubleshooting problems that arise, creating new databases and monitoring database performance. 

Breaking Into Big Data 

Big data is a quickly growing field that has many opportunities across the globe. It encompasses professionals from every industry in every country. There is a major demand for skilled professionals who specialize in big data. These jobs are continually in demand, making this a great time to enter this career field. 

If you are considering having a career in big data, there are various steps you can take to prepare. It is possible to obtain one of the sought-after careers discussed above. 

Firstly, it is wise to consider the kinds of experience and skills you will need to have to stand out above the competition and impress potential employers. 

There is a highly technical nature of skills necessary for big data careers. Much of this requires hands-on learning and advanced training. One of the best avenues to explore is seeking graduate education in your study area. This can help you learn how to demonstrate your expertise and gain knowledge for your future career. 

It is never too late to begin a career that is focused on big data. If you are considering a career change or want the challenge of learning new skills, this may be the ticket you have been looking for.