Best Courses to take to Become a Lawyer

Best Courses to take to Become a Lawyer

Becoming a lawyer is a notable profession to undertake. The path you can pursue can vary widely depending on which area you prefer to focus on. If you want to join the legal ranks, it is important to note that you have complete flexibility for your undergraduate studies. This profession is designed for people with many educational backgrounds. 

Of course, there are specific academic studies that provide a decent starting point for students wishing to attend law school in the future. 

It is wise to pick classes that will develop the skills you require to ace the Law School Admissions Test or LSAT. This exam primarily focuses on reading comprehension and skills for analytical reasoning. If you focus on debating, writing and researching, you will have an edge over the competition. Here are some of the top majors that upcoming law students focus on:


You will need to have a strong background in verbal and written skills to be a successful attorney. This will help you in all aspects from speaking in court, to researching your cases and writing. 

Taking time to analyze vital historical texts and famous works of literature from different time periods and various cultures will help you feel comfortable with spending copious hours in the law library. 

Political Science 

Political Science is one of the closest majors to a curriculum for law school. You will cover public policy, political systems, individual rights, international relations, various government relationships and the law. You will spend time analyzing different data sets and written documents. 

Everything from social media posts to ancient texts. You will hone your critical thinking skills and writing abilities. These are vital skills for being capable of retaining law school information and preparing case studies. 


Economics majors are trained to think analytically and logically. They cover economic procedures and policies and look at how resources are managed and distributed. These topics are tied closely to different legal issues you will come across as a lawyer. 

This major will have you summarize quantitative and qualitative data to solve different problems. This is excellent training to help your brain collect evidence to support your case. 


Philosophy majors will dive deeply into morality, ethics and logic. These are all essential areas that form the cornerstones of your law studies. 

You will learn how to present arguments, participate in class debates and do the research required to support your case. This is great practice for what is required when lawyers prepare for court. 


Any business knowledge can be practically applied to various industries. This is also true for aspiring law attorneys. Having a major in business is a wise choice for people who wish to specialize in corporate law. 

Ensure that you supplement your business courses with liberal arts and humanities electives to help you learn how to flex your critical thinking and analytical skills. These courses will benefit your writing and research skills as well. 


Understanding how the past has contributed to our present in North America and around the globe is essential. These studies will help you put our current justice system into context and understand various laws. 

History majors are often tasked with tons of writing and research assignments. They need to discern conclusions by studying historical documents. This is a skill set that you will rely heavily on in law school. 

Basic Tips 

  1. Think of the type of law you wish to practice and choose a major that has a related discipline. Remember, you don't need to pick a specialty during law school. Establishing an undergraduate background in subjects that you find interesting is a smart place to begin. If you want to be an environmental lawyer, focus on environmental science. If you enjoy accounting and finance, pursuing a career as a tax attorney may be a successful option. 
  2. A law career will require heavy writing and research skills. Pick electives or a major that focuses on these tasks to help prepare you for law school. 
  3. Regardless, of which academic path you pursue, it is essential to maintain a strong GPA. This is important if you are planning to attend a highly sought-after law school. 

If becoming a lawyer is your dream, feel secure knowing that you have few limits on your undergraduate studies. Pursuing a well-rounded education that enhances your critical thinking, research and communication skills will help you become a successful lawyer. 

Being a lawyer takes a lot of time, energy and funds. However, if you are passionate about doing the right thing, enjoy debating and arguing a point publicly and love to read, it can be a very rewarding career. Speaking up for the underdog and defending the law is not for the faint of heart. 

Establish some vital stress relief habits during your college and university career that you can fall back on. Hit the campus gym, start a walk and talk study group, or trade foot massage sessions with your friends. 

Have a hot bath with Epsom salts regularly to pull toxins out of your system. Add some green tea, nuts, honey, whole grains, fruits and veggies to your diet and other healthy snacks to keep you mentally and physically prepared for success. Ensure you get enough quality sleep to avoid burnout.