Life of Political Science Student at UCLA

Sociologists and Political Scientists

Sociologists and political scientists study all aspects of human society and political systems—from social behavior and the origin of social groups to the origin, development, and operation of political systems. Their research provides insights into... ... more

Academic Programs of Interest for Sociologists and Political Scientists

Peace Studies
Peace and conflict studies is an academic field which identifies and analyzes the violent and nonviolent behaviors as well as the structural mechanisms attending social conflicts with... more
Rural Sociology
Rural sociology is a field of sociology associated with the study of social life in non-metropolitan areas. More concisely, it is the scientific study of social arrangements... more
Social Work
Social Workers are concerned with social problems, their causes, their solutions and their human impacts. Social workers work with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Social Work... more
Sociology is the systematic and scientific study of society, including patterns of social relationships, social action, and culture. Areas studied in sociology can range from the analysis... more