College Boreal
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $4,000.00  Students: 1,500
21, boulevard Lasalle
Sudbury, ON      PP3A 6B1

College Boreal

College Boreal was established in 1995, and is a francophone school under the College of Applied Arts and Technology. Initially, there were only 139 students who enrolled in the seven campuses. Today, it has around 1,500 students, with more than 7,300 diplomas and postsecondary certificates awarded over the years. It is the first postsecondary Canadian institution that required students to use laptops in its curriculum. Their primary values consist of humanism (recognition of an individual), excellence (optimal use of material, financial, and human resources), avant garde (creativity and innovation), integrity, success, inclusion, and ... ... continued below

About College Boreal

... transparency (honesty and openness).

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

The college has campuses in Sudbury, Hearst, Kapuskasing, New Liskeard, Nipissing, Timmins, and Toronto. In 2002, it added another campus in Toronto, and took over the programs of College des Grands-Lacs. There are also available residences offered inside the campus. The residence at Sudbury is a quiet and wooden environment in the southern side of the campus. It is very near the services of the dental clinic, cafeteria, sports complex, widescreen movies, atm, pub zone, the college, the footpath, and the cafeteria. The fully furnished residence buildings can accommodate around 72 students, with each apartment offering a small kitchenette refrigerator, microwave cabinets, sink, table and two or three chairs and a bathroom. Each house has a desk with one or two armchairs, a wardrobe, a bunk bed, and a single bed with 2 seats. Some units are equipped for students with special needs. There are also laundry, kitchen, reading, relaxation, multipurpose room, and common areas.

Student Services and Student Life

Some of the services that it offers it students include: Photos and Testimonials, International Students (assistance), Second Career, Cooperative Boreal, Sports Centre, Employment Center, Technical Support Centre, Library (Tembec Centre), Learning Support, Financial Aid Or Scholarships, Admission, and Other Cultural Activities.

Boreal has a cooperative which manages the food service, pub, employment service, printing, and bookstore of the college. Aside from students having the right to become a part of the cooperative’s decision-making, members also get deals on their purchases and obtain part-time jobs during the school year.

College Boreal is a part of the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association and the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA). The name of its varsity team is the Viperes, who competes in six sports. Those who can qualify to compete for the “National Championship” as members of the CCAA are the men’s and women’s teams in volleyball, soccer, and basketball. For students who are more into other recreational activities, the CREE organizes various cultural activities that meets the needs of the students. Most of the activities aim to help the students learn and explore the cultural differences of the students and also develop more interest in French culture. Some of the activities it organizes are the Carnival Boreal, Boreal Cup, Pubs, Ski Trip, and Softball Tournament.

Academic Programs

The College offers full-time and continuing studies which focus on workplace and other technological needs. Some of its programs include subjects on trade, community services, tourism and hospitality, technology, health, communications and media, and administration. All lessons are conducted in French, although there are subjects available for students who are looking for short-term courses in English.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The government gives students full-time pay for their postsecondary education for Ontario residents (Financial Assistance Ontario Student Assistance Program); for Quebec residents (Loans and Grants); and for New Brunswick residents (Funding Program). Scholarships are also available, and the Foundation College Boreal has more money in its fund scholarships than any other college in Ontario.

Sudbury Information

Sudbury is the largest city in Northern Ontario in population, and the 24th largest metropolitan area in Canada. In land area, it is now the largest city in Ontario and the seventh largest municipality in Canada. Sudbury has lent its mining heritage to two major tourist attractions: Science North, an interactive science museum built atop an ancient earthquake fault on the shore of Lake Ramsey, and Dynamic Earth, an earth sciences exhibition which is also home to the Big Nickel, one of Sudbury's most famous landmarks.

Sudbury was one of the first Canadian cities to plan and implement its own digital telecommunications strategy. Beginning in 1996, the city began constructing a fibre optic network which saw over 400 kilometres of cable laid down to serve the city's business and citizen populations. In November 2005, the city was named one of the world's "Smart 21 Communities" by the Intelligent Community Forum, a worldwide project to honour technological innovation.


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