The University of Saskatchewan
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $5,490.00  Students: 21,168
105 Administration Place
Saskatoon, SK      S7N 5A2
(306) 966-5788

The University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is a coed public university. It started as an agricultural college in 1907, and became a Canadian university in 1910. Its logo is a book of knowledge and three wheat sheaves inside a green shield. On its pages is the Latin phrase and motto: Deo et Patriae, which means "God and Country". ... continued below

About The University of Saskatchewan

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

Saskatchewan has a lot of places where students can stay during the course of their study at the campus. The Voyageur Place Room, once called the University Hall, is an example of this. It was organized on the house system where residences were named after Saskatchewan's early explorers. The first three male houses were the Hearne House (Samuel Hearne), Kelsey (Henry Kelsey), Lav (Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, sieur de La Verendrye). For females, there were Pond (Peter Pond), Henday (Anthony Henday), and Palliser (John Palliser) Today, Voyageur has four separate halls: Saskatchewan Hall, which was completed in 1912 and considered to be the first residence in the campus. It can house 150 students. Another hall is Qu'Appelle, whose original name was Student's Residence Number 2. It was opened in 1916. The Athabasca Hall has 270 residences, and this co-ed hall was named after the Athabasca River. Another residence complex in the southern part of the university is McEown Park. It has Souris Hall, Assiniboine Hall, Wollaston Hall, and Seager Wheeler Hall. Last February 2009, the government gave Saskatchewan $15 million as funding for addtional residence buildings adjacent to McEwon Park. Full occupancy will be on 2011.

Student Services and Student Life

The University of Saskatchewan has the following facilities inside the campus: Griffiths Stadium and Associated Fields; R.D.J. Williams Building and Associated Fields; Physical Education Center (Campus Recreation Office, Change Rooms, Free Weight Room, Physical Education Equipment Room, Physical Education Gymnasium, and Physical Education Pool) and Education Building and Associated Fields (Tennis Courts, Fit Center, Education Pool, Education Gymnasium, Education Equipment Room, Change Rooms). The university also has a student publication named The Sheaf. It is a weekly newspaper that helps students stay informed of campus and community events. Its internet radio station is CJUS-FM.

There are many student organizations and clubs inside the university. Students who are into Arts can join the Wind Orchestra, University Chorus, U of S Ballroom Dancing Club, Theatre Camps, School of Dance, Other Music Ensembles, Music Theatre, Jazz Ensemble, Greystone Theatre, Greystone Singers, Department of Music, Department of Drama, and Concert Band. They can also join student groups such as: Campus Clubs, Edward’s School of Business, Greystone Scholars Society, Indigenous Students Council, International Student Associations, and St. Thomas.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate programs that are available at the the University of Saskatchewan are: Arts and Science, Commerce, Education, Fine Arts, Laws, Music , Music Education, Renewable Resource Management , Agriculture, Engineering, Kinesiology, Nursing,Nutrition, Pharmacy, and Physical Therapy.

Graduate programs that are offered by the university are: Agriculture, Arts, Business Administration, Continuing Education Education, Engineering, Environment and Sustainability, Fine Arts, International Trade, Laws, Mathematics, Music, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Professional Accounting, Public Administration, Public Health, Public Policy, Science, Sustainable Environmental Management, and Veterinary Science.

Saskatoon Information

Saskatoon is located in central Saskatchewan, Canada, on the South Saskatchewan River. Saskatoon is the most populous city in the province of Saskatchewan. Saskatoon is recognized as one of the world's leading agricultural biotechnology centres. Some of this research takes place at Innovation Place Research Park and the University of Saskatchewan (U of S). The U of S hosts the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO) that conducts infectious diseases research to develop infectious diseases controls for humans and animals.

The city has four distinct seasons. Extreme temperatures range from -50?C in winter to 41?C in summer. Saskatoon is fairly dry with the summer being the wettest season. A positive aspect of the low precipitation is that Saskatoon is one of the sunniest cities in Canada, averaging 2,381 hours of bright sunshine annually.


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