The University of Sherbrooke
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $6,632.00  Students: 35,000
2500, boul. De
Sherbrooke, QC      J1K 2R1
819 820-6868

The University of Sherbrooke

The university of Sherbooke is the only French Language University in the region of Estrie, Quebec. It was once centered on imparting religious doctrines and pedagogical undertakings, although its orientation changed when by the end of 1960's, the population of priests who work in the university had declined. This gave way for the delegation of a layman to take over the responsibilities. ... continued below

About The University of Sherbrooke

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

Presently, Sherbrooke is home to 21,000 full-time students, with a staff that reaches approximately 6,000 employees. It has an estimated 100,000 graduates, with 48 Master's, 46 Undergraduates, and 27 Doctoral Programs. It is a big campus that contains three grounds that are located in Quebec, Sherbrooke, and Longueuil. Its six campuses are: The Sherbrooke Health Campus, The Main Sherbrooke Campus, The Longueuil Campus, The Joint Campus in Saguenay, The Joint Campus in Moncton.

Sherbrooke University offers services to its students, including: Administration, Student Residences, Support Services, The Anne-Hebert Centre, The Cultural Centre and Maurice-O'Bready Theatre, The Documentation Centre, The George-Cabana Pavilion, The Humanities Library, The Jean-Marie Roy Map Library, The Law and Government Publications Library, The Multifunctional Pavilion, The Music Library, The Pedagogical Resource Centre, The Science and Engineering Library, and The Univestrie Pavilion.

Student Services and Student Life

Students who want to belong to clubs or associations can choose from among the following: Federation etudiante de l’Universite de Sherbrooke, which exemplifies all the undergraduate students of Sherbrooke. It has around 13,000 students, and is noted for its reputation as one of the leading pressure groups in Estrie. The Association Generale Des Etudiants De La Faculte Des Lettres Et Sciences Humaines De l’Universite De Sherbrooke embodies the students from the Faculty of Letters and Humanities; The Regroupement Des Etudiants En Maîtrise Et Doctorat De l’Universite De Sherbrooke exemplifies all of Sherbrooke’s graduate students; The Association Generale Des Etudiants En Medecine De l’Universite De Sherbrooke includes medical students attending Longueuil, Chicoutimi, and Moncton; the Association Des Etudiants En Education Physique Of The Universite De Sherbrooke is the main club of students in the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education. The Association Generale Des Etudiants En Droit Of The Universite De Sherbrooke is the representative club of the Faculty of Law students, and the Association Generale des etudiants de Genie of the Universite de Sherbrooke houses all the students in the Faculty of Engineering.

Academic Programs

The Universite de Sherbrooke is composed of the following faculties: Faculty of Theology, Ethics and Philosophy, Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Administration. Sherbrooke is only one of a few universities in the world that offers a Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) together with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) to international and local students.


According to a survey of Canadian University students in 2006, Sherbrooke was thrice rated the best university in Canada. The Globe and Mail published a study which confirms that the university has gotten the highest ranking for its quality of life inside the campus, its reputation, career preparatory programs, technological resources given to its students, and student services. In 2005, Globe also ranked it number one. Maclean's magazine and Global and Mail's survey of the highest student satisfaction on schools came up with Sherbrooke leading the universities in Canada.

Sherbrooke Information

Sherbrooke is a city in south-eastern Quebec, Canada. Located at the confluence of the Saint-François and Magog rivers, Sherbrooke is in the centre of an important agricultural region with many dairy farms. There is also some industry in the region. An important business is the manufacture of ice hockey sticks: more of these are made in Sherbrooke than anywhere else in the world.

Sherbrooke has become known as a major student city. With four major colleges and two universities, its student population is one of its defining features.


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