First Nations University of Canada
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $4,500.00  Students: 700
1 First Nations Way
Regina, SK      S4S 7K2

First Nations University of Canada

The First Nations University of Canada, once called “The Saskatchewan Indian Federated College,” was established in 1976, when the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations became a federate college of the University of Regina. The goal of both schools was to “serve the academic, cultural and spiritual needs of the the First Nations’ students.” The University changed to its present name in 2003. ... continued below

About First Nations University of Canada

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

First Nations offers its services and academic programs on three campuses: Saskatoon Campus (Saskatoon), Northern Campus (Prince Albert), and Regina Campus (Regina). All of the three campuses offer cultural and traditional advising services through the Elders, student lounges, library services, student support services, and academic advising. The University also offers living accommodations, although only Regina Campus offers co-educational residential services inside the campus.

Student Services and Student Life

The University offers the following services: Writing Centre, Web Services for Students (WISURD), Tutoring Services, Student Web-Services, Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards, Parking, Library Services, Kokum Bea's (store), Housing, Grading System, Financial Aid, Elders (spiritual, cultural, holistic guidance), Cooperative Education, Convocation, Computer Labs, Career Counselor, Campus Life, and Academic Advisors.

Academic Programs

ARTS (Bachelor of Arts - English, Bachelor of Arts - Cree Language Studies, Bachelor of Arts - Saulteaux Language Studies, Bachelor of Arts - Linguistics, Bachelor of Arts - Individual Honours (Indian Languages, Literatures & Linguistics), Master's Degree - English, and Master's Degree – Linguistics); BUSINESS & PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (Certificate in Administration, Certificate in Administration, Certificate in Indian Business Administration, Diploma of Associate in Administration, First Nations Banking, Bachelor of Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, and First Nations Master in Business Administration); DENTAL THERAPY (Diploma of Dental Therapy); Education (Bachelor of Education - Elementary [Indian Education], Bachelor of Education - After Degree [Indian Education], Bachelor of Education - Secondary [Indian Education], and Bachelor of Education - After Degree); FINE ARTS (Bachelor of Fine Arts - Indian Art, Bachelor of Arts - Indian Art, and Bachelor of Arts - Indian Art History); HEALTH SCIENCES (Northern Health Science Access Program [NHSAP] and Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan [NEPS]); INDIAN COMMUNICATION ARTS (Certificate in Indian Communication Arts); INDIGENOUS STUDIES (Bachelor of Arts (regular & honours) and Special Case Master's Degree); SCIENCE (Certificate in Indigenous Health Studies, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Health/Science Degree), Bachelor of Arts in Resource and Environmental Studies Program (BARES), and Bachelor of Health Studies); SOCIAL WORK (Certificate in Indian Social Work, Bachelor of Indian Social Work, and Master's Degree Aboriginal Social Work); and GRADUATE STUDIES (First Nations Master's Degree in Business Administration, Master's Degree – English, Master's Degree – Linguistics, and Master's Degree - Aboriginal Social Work)

Scholarships and Financial Aid

First Nations offers students awards given by the University of Regina and the First Nations University of Canada. Some of the scholarships include: First Nations University of Canada Board of Governors Graduate Entrance Scholarship, First Nations University of Canada (Molson) Entrance Scholarship, Drs. Lewis and Elisabeth Brandt Scholarship, Grain Services Union Bursary, Henry Baker Scholarship, Meyers Norris Penny LLP Scholarship, and the Saskatchewan Health Bursary Program.

Regina Information

Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada. The city is situated on a broad, flat, treeless plain. There is an abundance of parks and greenspaces: all of its trees, shrubs and other plants were hand-planted and Regina's considerable beauty is entirely man-made.

Attractions for visitors in Regina include the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, the Saskatchewan Science Centre, the Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery and numerous smaller galleries and museums. Aside from the many attractions, Regina is also rich in resources as agriculture, tourism, and oil and gas production fuel the economy. While Regina's economic base is diverse it is also recognized as one of the most affordable places to live, work and do business in western North America.


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