Taylor University College and Seminary
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $7,300.00  Students: 450
11525 - 23 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB      T6J 4T3
1-800- 567-4988

Taylor University College and Seminary

Taylor University College and Seminary is a Christian graduate school which was established in 1939. It began out of the financial help and volunteer labour from people within the Northern Conference Churches and some general donations of people. Its mission is to “develop and shape students for greater use and effectiveness in their service to Christ, teach people to be able to think in Christian categories, develop persons who positively influence their world, make a difference, and encourage students to be involved in churches, and social agencies within the greater Edmonton community.” Its vision is to become a "leading evangelical ... ... continued below

About Taylor University College and Seminary

... centre of academic excellence and Christian character." The College is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

Taylor University College is located on a 26-acre campus in the southwestern part of Edmonton. Its main educational concentration is on training pastoral and other vocational Christian ministries and preparing those who are called to serve as disciples of Christ in the marketplace and society. Taylor University College performs this ministry within a Baptist and Evangelical background. During the 1960’s, there were many extensions carried out within the campus grounds, and additional buildings, such as two dormitories, an administration building, Services and Storage Building, and the administration building were constructed. On July 1998, the college signed an agreement with the University of Alberta, which is still in existence today.

Student Services and Student Life

One of the most popular places on campus is The Schalm Memorial Libray, named after Bernard Schalm. It was built in 1980 to accommodate around 100,000 books. The library is also a part of the NEOS library consortium, which consists of hospital, government, and academic libraries within the central Alberta region. NEOS has an online integrated catalogue that has more than five million records. The College has many activities and services that it offers to its students. Two of its most recent activity were the new series of Bible teaching events that offered interested students a chance to learn more about the Scripture; another is a practical training session for sound board operators.

Academic Programs

Taylor Seminary offers students programs which include: MASTER OF DIVINITY [General (3 Years), Intercultural Ministries (3 Years), Pastoral Counselling (3 Years), Pastoral Leadership (3 Years), Youth Ministry (3 Years)]; MASTER OF ARTS IN INTERCULTURAL STUDIES (2 YEARS); MASTER OF THEOLOGICAL STUDIES (2 YEARS); DIPLOMA IN INTERCULTURAL STUDIES (1 YEAR); DIPLOMA IN CHRISTIAN STUDIES (1 YEAR); and CONTINUING EDUCATION.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Students should also be informed that there are Nomination Awards worth $1,000 awarded to every new full-time student. Other Seminary Scholarships that are available to students with above average grades can apply for the following scholarships given by Taylor. These include the following: NAB Grant/Loan, NAB Ministry Training Grant, Vocational Ministry Scholarship, Edmonton Chinese Church Scholarship, Campus Transition Award, the Alfred Krinke Leadership Scholarship, and the Goltz Family Scholarship.


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