Regent College
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $10,000.00  Students: 500
5800 University Blvd
Vancouver, BC      V6T 2E4

Regent College

Regent College is a trans-denominational Evangelical Protestant Institution that offers denomination-specific programmes for Baptist and Anglican students. It was established in 1968, and it is considered to be the first graduate school of theology in North America that focuses on the education of the laity. This initiative was taken in response to the belief that the “new frontiers” of lay participation can be realized “in a strategic centre of trade and commerce.” In 1973, the College became affiliated with the University of British Columbia, and it expanded the students’ access to many facilities. Regent College’s mission is ... ... continued below

About Regent College

... to cultivate “intelligent, vigorous, and joyful commitment to Jesus Christ, His Church, and His world.”

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

The campus is located at the entrance to the campus of the University of British Columbia. It is on the farther side of Vancouver City, and the College is housed in a three-level building. The main level includes the auditorium and chapel, student lounge, classroom, administrative offices, prayer chapel, kitchen, courtyard, and atrium. The upper level has the staff lounge, administration offices, faculty, classrooms, and administration offices. It also includes the Lookout Art Gallery. The bottom level has five classrooms, the administrative offices, the RCSA office, and the John Richard Allison Library. Students who want access to theological resources can make use of the library collections in the campus. One advantage that the Regent students have is that they have more resources to choose from, because the Allison Library cooperates with the libraries of the University of British Columbia, St. Mark’s College, and the Vancouver School of Theology. They can also access the resources at the UBC library, which is the second largest research library in Canada.

Student Services and Student Life

Regent College has several banks that offer students special accounts that deduct the service fee for charged accounts. The Bank of Montreal and The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce are just across the University Village. There are also many Automated Teller Machines at different points of location inside the campus. The Regent College Bookstore supplies students their academic and non-academic titles and reference materials in various formats. The UBC Bookstore has a diverse range of software, clothing, computers, office supplies, general stationery, trade books, and university texts. Computer Services are also available inside the campus. The fee for their use is included in the Student Association fee cost. Printing services, photocopy services, and additional computers are not included in the fee. Students can also access the Internet through the computer labs, and they can apply for a dial-up account which provides 20 hours of free connection time per month. Foreign students can take advantage of the International House. Its services include: ESL classes, orientation sessions, day trips and social activities. Student mailboxes, public telephones, and lockers are also available at the lower level of the College. Recreational facilities are also part of the College’s offerings. Some of them include fitness facilities (training sessions, aerobic classes, certification courses, free weights and state-of-the-art exercise machines, climbing and biking activities) located in the Student Recreation Centre popularly called the “UBC Birdcoop.” Active students can participate in the College’s intramural sports. They can choose from ultimate frisbee, hockey, soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

Academic Programs

The College has four programs: Master of Theology, Master of Divinity, Master of Christian Studies, and Diploma in Christian Studies. Some of the programs that fall under these concentrations include: Old Testament; Missions & Evangelism; New Testament; Biblical Studies; Marketplace Theology; Family & Community; and Church History.

Famous Alumni

The College has produced many notable alumni, including: Mark Buchanan, Markus Bockmuehl and Nigel Biggar, Ronald Rittgers, and John Sullivan.


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