Providence College and Theological Seminary
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $6,118.00  Students: 450
10 College Crescent
Otterburne, MB      R0A 1G0

Providence College and Theological Seminary

Providence College and Theological Seminary was a product of Rev. H.L. Turner’s vision, which started in 1925 as the Winnipeg Bible Training School. In 1972, it formed a graduate division called Providence Theological Seminary, which became one of Canada’s greatly esteemed interdenominational seminaries. It also became a full member of the Association of Theological Schools. The College changed to its present name in 1992 in order to more accurately exemplify both of its academic and theological core. Its motto is “Knowledge and character for leadership and service,” and its main goal is to “teach students how to think, live, and ... ... continued below

About Providence College and Theological Seminary

... serve in the church and society.”

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

Providence College and Seminary is located in Southern Manitoba, and its geographical location is close to the center of Canada. The school occupies a 100-acre campus at the town of Otterburne, south of Winnipeg. The school boasts of beautiful rural settings beside Rat River, and there are many elm trees that cover the main building’s old bell tower. Providence also offers residential accommodation to its students. It has three Residence Halls, namely: Bergen Hall, Kindred/Sweet Hall, and Eichhorst Hall. Bergen Hall is for male students only, and it has sixty rooms, with around 120 living spaces. Each floor has sub-lounges that include a fridge, microwave, couches, and coffee table and chairs. There is also a laundry room with three washing machines and dryers. Kindred/Sweet Hall houses the school’s female students, and it has 15 rooms on two floors, with a maximum of 30 living spaces in both Kindred and Sweet. Each room has one closet with two shelves, and each suite (four rooms) shares a lounge and two bathrooms. There are lounges on the upper and lower floors, and there is a washing machine and a dryer in the lower level of the building. Eichhorst Hall is also for the female students. It has 30 rooms on 2 floors with a maximum of 60 living spaces. Two rooms share a bathroom, and each floor has its own lounge. The lounges are equipped with a microwave, fridge, chairs, and coffee tables. There are also laundry rooms with a washing machine and dryer in two of the lower lever hallways. Each of the residence halls can house in two students, and some of the amenities include: two desk chairs, shelves, closet space, and two beds. The Residence is considered an important part of the campus life, as it helps students to cultivate connections between living, learning and faith. Its programs focus not just on academic learning, but also on spiritual formation and character-building. The campus houses full-time Resident Directors that serve as the students’ educators and mentors. There are also Student Assistants that provide a friendly support system for the resident students.

Student Services and Student Life

Providence College knows the value of learning both in and out of the classroom, and it encourages students to take part in some of the activities it organizes for students. They include: Yearbook, Theatre, Student Leadership (Resident Assistants, Student Council, International Assistants), Reimer Student Life Centre, Music, Membership in the Commuter Collegium (commuter only lounge), Field Education (Community Service Learning), Campus Events, and Athletics.

Academic Programs

Providence College and Theological Seminary offers many courses in each of these areas: Aviation, Biblical and Theological Studies, Business Administration, Church Ministries, Communications and Media, Humanities, Intercultural Studies, Social Sciences, T.E.S.O.L., and Pre-professional programs. The College also offers distance learning education, and it offers online courses, directed or independent study courses, and summer course modules.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The College offers bursaries and scholarships for business students. They base their choice on the students’ prior entrepreneurial activities and their plans once they graduate. Some of the awards given include: Entrepreneurship Bursary: Full tuition for one year, Business Administration Bursary: $1,000, 2nd Year Business Scholarship: Tuition for 1 semester, and 3rd Year Business Scholarship: Tuition for 1 semester.


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