Alberta Bible College
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $5,850.00  Students: 200
635 Northmount Dr. NW
Calgary, AB      T2K 3J6
(403) 282-2994

Alberta Bible College

Alberta Bible College began in 1932, in the great depression years. Charles H. Philips was authorized by the Lethbridge Church of Christ to found a college and devote the necessary time to education. It was created out of a need to have a college in the Northwestern division of the dominion. Today, the graduates of ABC serve the many Canadian churches and they have accounted for many cross-cultural initiatives in 21 foreign countries, including the United States. It focus is on the "intellectual and experiential Bible knowledge, as well as theoretical and practical Christian Service courses. " ... continued below

About Alberta Bible College

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

Alberta Bible College has a new and beautiful Prayer Garden that can be used by the community, staff, and its students. The garden is meant to provide students a place for reflection, reading, community and prayer. The College’s location was moved from Lethbridge to Calgary, and in 1962, new facilities were created and constructed, and major renovations were built to make the College more attractive and conducive to its other modern facilities.

Student Services and Student Life

The College seeks to train students to become good leaders in the four fundamental structures that comprise its values: study, service, prayer, and community. “Study” focuses on “knowing God through intentional study of scripture, theology and spiritual writings, with particular emphasis on the integration of learning and living.” “Service” concentrates on “embodying the gospel in tangible ways, both inside and beyond the ABC community.” “Prayer” is rooted on “creating space to be with God, giving particular attention to times and places for prayer and for worship (both corporate and individual).” “Community” is using the three priorities discussed earlier within “context of intentionally living life together.”

Students who are into sports have the opportunity to play in the Alberta Colleges Athletic League on both the Rocky Mountain and Alberta Bible College teams. Some of the teams included Men’s and Women’s Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, and Men’s Futsal (indoor soccer). The partnership between Rocky Mountain and Alberta Bible has proven to be very good in increasing the level of competition and quality of the teams.

Academic Programs

The College focuses on the “classical English Bible curriculum,” which continues to be the heart of Alberta Bible’s ministerial training program. However, resources have dynamically paved the way for the college to expand its offerings. Today, the College offers regular programs, degrees, PACE and TESOL Summer Institute. Some of their regular programs include: The Rock, Bachelor or Religious Education, Christian Ministries Major, General Studies Major, Global Studies Major, Bachelor of Theology, Diploma in Christian Ministries, Performing Arts, Professional Studies, PACE (Professional Adult Christian Education), B.A. Counselling, B.A. Leadership, Diploma Counselling, Diploma Leadership, and TESOL Summer Institute.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The College offers scholarships to incoming students, such as the Academic Excellence Entrance Scholarship, Athletic Scholarship, Benoit Scholarship, Camp Scholarship, Emerge Speech Contest Scholarship, Excellence In Leadership Award, Faculty Entrance Scholarship, Faculty Entrance Scholarship, Gateway Scholarship, Local Church Scholarship, Referral Scholarship, and Service Entrance Scholarship.


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