Toronto Metropolitan University
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $6,032.00  Students: 37,000
350 Victoria St.
Toronto, ON      M5B 2K3

Toronto Metropolitan University

Toronto Metropolitan University, which was founded in 1948, was named after Egerton Ryerson, the father of the Ontario Public School System and the owner of the first publishing company in Canada. He was also a leading educator, Methodist minister, and politician. Ryerson was once named “The Ryerson Institute of Technology”, but later changed to its present name in June 2001. Today, it is one of only two Ontario universities that has an Aerospace Engineering program. ... continued below

About Toronto Metropolitan University

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

The university has a Student Campus Centre, Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre, Ryerson University Library, Ryerson Theatre School Building, Ryerson Ted Rogers School of Management (Formerly Ryerson Business Building - RBB), Ryerson Athletic Centre (RAC), Rogers Communications Centre, Podium building, International Living/Learning Centre (ILLC), Heidelberg Centre - School of Graphic Communications Management, Heaslip House-Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre, and the Architecture Building.

Ryerson has recently been expanding its campus, adding in six new buildings within the last few years and announcing two more pending constructions in the future. In 2008, it has expanded its efforts of expansion by purchasing a piece of $40 million real estate on Yonge Street. It has recently renovated the Ryerson Theatre, one of the biggest theatres in Toronto. The university allows its students to live inside the campus. It has around 840 beds in three of its campus residences: The International Living and Learning Centre (ILLC), O'Keefe House (OKH), and Pitman Hall (PIT).

Student Services and Student Life

Ryerson University offers the following services to its students: Centre for Student Development and Counselling, Career Development and Employment Centre, Athletics, Access Centre (students with disabilities), Aboriginal Student Services, English Language Support, Health Promotion, International Services for Students, Learning Success Centre, Mature Students, Medical Centre, Office of Student Community Life, Student Financial Assistance, Student Housing, Tri-Mentoring Program, and Writing Centre.

The University offers its full-time and graduate students a membership at the Ryerson Student Union (RSU). Its objective is to improve the academic and personal life of all its students. Becoming a member of the union automatically makes a student a CFS member. CFS is home to 450,000 students from different colleges and universities across Canada, and it is an effective voice for all the students to bring about changes and reform in all areas of their academic experience. The campus also offers around 145 academic-related (Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Communication and Design, Faculty of Community Services, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science, and Ted Rogers School of Management) and campus-wide Student Clubs (Sports and Recreation, Software and Games, Social Justice and Political Issues, Scholarly and Honour Societies, Music and Dance, Magazines and Bookclubs, Film, Theatre and Animation, Health and Wellness, Faith Based Clubs, and Culturally-Based Clubs).

Student-athletes and fitness buffs can find many options when choosing their sport or fitness program. They can choose to join in the Intramural Program, which is open to all students regardless of their level of sports skills; Recreation and Athletics Centre, home to various cardio machines, weight machines, free weights, two dance studios, two gymnasiums, three-lane indoor running track, four international squash courts, women’s and men’s locker rooms, saunas, and a 25-yard, six-lane pool.

Ryerson sports organizations include: Fencing, Master’s Swim, Karate, Badminton, Cheerleading, Kung Fu, and Rowing. For students trying to find some places to study, eat, or just meet new people, there are available lounges for students to go to. They include: POD 60 Lounge, Olive Baker Lounge, Credit Union Lounge, Kerr Wall West Lounge, and Library Lounge. Basic amenities in all these places include vending machines, chairs, wireless internet, and ATM machines.

Academic Programs

The University is divided into these faculties: The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, Ted Rogers School of Management, Graduate Studies, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science, Faculty of Community Services, Faculty of Communication & Design, and the Faculty of Arts.

Notable Accomplishments

Ryerson is well-known for its programs that focus on practice and theory. Some of its most notable graduate programs have made it the main choice for government and business professionals in the Greater Toronto Area.

Toronto Information

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and is the provincial capital of Ontario. With over 2.5 million residents, it is the fifth-most populous municipality in North America, and the 46th most populous in the world. As Canada's economic capital, Toronto is considered one of the top financial cities in the world.

Toronto's climate is moderate for Canada due to its southerly location within the country and its proximity to Lake Ontario. It has a humid continental climate, with warm, humid summers and generally cold winters, although fairly mild by Canadian and many northern continental U.S. standards. The city experiences four distinct seasons with considerable variance in day to day temperature, particularly during the colder weather season.

Toronto is a major scene for theatre and other performing arts, with more than fifty ballet and dance companies, six opera companies, and two symphony orchestras. The city is home to the National Ballet of Canada, the Canadian Opera Company, and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Notable performance venues include the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, Roy Thomson Hall, the Princess of Wales Theatre, the Royal Alexandra Theatre, Massey Hall, the Toronto Centre for the Arts, the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres and the Hummingbird Centre.


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