The Universite Sainte-Anne
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $5,500.00  Students: 504
1695, route 1
Church Point, NS      B0W 1M01M0

The Universite Sainte-Anne

The Université Sainte-Anne was established by Gustave Blanche and the fathers of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary on September, 1890. Their purpose was to give higher education to Acadians living in Nova Scotia. The name of the university was taken from the name of Virgin Mary's mother, Saint Anne. At present, it is the only francophone university in Pointe-de-l'Église. ... continued below

About The Universite Sainte-Anne

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

The university has five campuses, and they are located at the Pointe-de-l'Eglise, Tusket, Petit-de-Grat, Saint-Joseph-du-Moine, and Halifax. Saint-Anne offers student residences in the regular program, and its ten residences can serve around 300 students. These include: Beauséjour, Lajeunesse and Bellefontaine (apartment style), Breton, LaPointe, Barony, Poitevine, Belliloise, Normande, Poitevine, Belle-Ile, Norman, and Beaulieu. Each of these residences has its own brand of personality, style, and even convention. They also offer different services that can suit the student's preferences. Students who board these residences also have the option of getting a meal plan, where they can choose from among the different kinds of dishes served everyday. They also have the option of dining in at Castelet, which offers muffins, salads, subs, pizza, menu specials, and coffee.

Student Services and Student Life

The university offers students a lot of services, including Student Affairs Office, Internship Office, Technology Resources, Language Lab, Health Services and Counselling, Bibliotheque, Bookstore and Campus Shop, Acadian Center, and many others.

Students can choose from cultural activities, sports activities or student associations for their recreation and fun. For cultural activities, they can join the cultural activities (in French). Or the students can have the chance to join a lot of workshops, travel in many places, sing at a karaoke bar, watch a French Film, sing at a chorale, watch amateur and professional theatrical plays and music, and visit the Gallery Father Leger Comeau. For sports activities, they can join the Volleyball, Hockey, Badminton, Golf, Cross Country, and Soccer. For student associations, there are three main clubs in the university. They are: ACE Sainte-Anne's Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship Sainte-Anne, AÉCUSA: Association of Student(s) in Commerce from Université Sainte-Anne, and AGEUS: General Association of Student(s) of the Université Sainte-Anne.

Academic Programs

Sainte-Anne has these available degrees and diplomas today: Master's Programmes [Master of Education]; Baccalaureate Programmes [Science (three-year programme)], History, Commerce or Social Work, French studies (regular degree or Honours programme), English studies, Canadian studies or Acadian Studies, Education (two-year programme or one-year intensive programme) or Arts/Education combined degree, Business Administration (regular degree or co-op programme)]; Diploma Programmes [Business Administration, Administrative assistant diploma, Business Information Technology or Computer Technology, Early Childhood Education or Special Education: Teaching Assistant, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Federal Government Office Clerk, French (Diplôme de français fonctionnel), Health Sciences or Pre-veterinary Sciences (two-year programmes), Human Services, Human Services Counselling or Continuing Health Care Services, Primary and Advanced Paramedic Care].

The university is popular for its French Immersion programs, which take place year round or for a duration of 5 weeks summer and spring sessions. It is mandatory for students to speak only French, because the program has a strict policy which takes a student out of the immersion program --- with no refund -- if they are thrice caught speaking another language.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Students who want to apply for a scholarship at the University must be enrolled full time in a program that lasts for at least two years. In addition, the awards will be based on the average grade of the student, where the average for all the courses that were taken in the 11th year are then added together with the courses taken during the first semester of the 12th year. The total of these two will be divided by two to get the results of the student's average grade. No award will be given unless the minimum is 80% or 3.50. Students who pass will be given grants that are paid in two equal installments at the beginning of each quarter of the academic year.

Church Point Information

Church Point is a village located on Saint Mary's Bay in the District of Clare, Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Church Point is the site of many events and attractions such as the Acadian Festival and the Centre acadien archives.

Neighboring the university is Saint Mary's Church; the tallest wooden church in North America. The magnificent building, constructed in the form of a cross with the steeple reaching 190 feet high, is one of the most popular sights of the community and is now recognized as an official museum. An exhibition room displaying photos and historical items offers a look into the past of the church and its congregation. The church also features a gift shop area and local information. Bilingual guided tours are available throughout the summer.