Ridgetown College
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $5,800.00  Students: 2,000
120 Main Street East
Ridgetown, ON      N0P 2C0

Ridgetown College

The University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus, is an institution that was once known as Ridgetown College. However, it was renamed after it became integrated with the Ontario Agricultural College. Today, it is a part of the other four campuses that comprise Ontario -- including Guelph, Alfred, and Kemptville. Its mission is to be a leader in applied agriculture and environmental research that focuses on life-long learning initiatives that are practical and relevant to the society. ... continued below

About Ridgetown College

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

Ridgetown Campus is in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. It is only thirty minutes away from Chatham, where a lot of students go to watch movies or go shopping. Students who plan to live inside the campus are guaranteed a slot in the residence, although they should make sure that they meet the deadline for registration.

Student Services and Student Life

Ridgetown Campus offers many diverse services to its students, including Animal Adoption Center, Chaplaincy, Recreation, Career, and Alumni services.The campus has a small population, but this scenario is highly advantageous for its students. Due to the relatively small size of the classes, there is more interaction between individual students and their instructors, which in turn allows for more opportunities for them to get to know each other in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Another advantage is that instructors can focus more attention on their students when they are doing hands-on laboratory exercises.

Students who study at Ridgetown are attracted to some of its most popular places, such as the Greenview Aviaries Park and Zoo, shopping malls and movie theaters in Chatham, restaurants, and the Ridge House Museum. This museum has a unique showcase, particularly 1875 renderings of houses and the particular lifestyles that were prevalent during that period. Another popular site visited by many students is Uncle Tom's Cabin, which also served as an inspiration for Harriet Beecher to write a novel of the same title.

There are many career opportunities that the campus provides for students, and there are around sixty to seventy students who can be employed each summer. Aside from helping students earn education credits and giving various options of providing academic learning experiences for their specialized degrees, the campus also provide students the option of choosing two diplomas in three years, or by working abroad, or by earning transfer credits and finishing their degrees at a much shorter time by getting an "Advanced Standing."

Academic Programs

Ridgetown offers a degree program in Bio-Resource Management Environmental Management Major. Its diploma programs include: Agriculture Diploma, Environmental Management Diploma, Horticulture Diploma, Veterinary Technology (Conventional Delivery), and Veterinary Technology (Alternative Delivery). There is also a certificate program for Veterinary Medical Office Administration.

Off-Campus Living

Living off-campus means exploring the Ridgetown community. Here, you will find two banks, two drug stores, two grocery stores, gas stations, department store, hardware store, two convenience stores and restaurants. Usually, students who became friends during their first year in the campus join together to live outside the campus during their second year in the university.

Ridgetown Information

Why the Friendliest Town in Ontario? Well, several years ago one of our "arrested" tourist of the week send an article to the Readers Digest deeming us as such. After reading the article the town adopted the honour. A motto such as this is a lot harder to live up to than "tomato" or "pumpkin" capital.

Ridgetown has a lot more to offer than smiling faces, warm handshakes and friendly "hellos". We have extremely unique commercial shops and eateries and a plethora of residential facilities and industrial opportunities.

Ridgetown and area can boast of many young entrepreneurs - after all, they are the life-blood of the future. Fortunately, the "big box" stores are just far enough away to make small town retail viable. We are small but mighty!


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