Centre for Nursing Studies
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $6,000.00  Students: 700
100 Forest Road
St. John's, NL      A1A 1E5
(709) 777-8174

Centre for Nursing Studies

The Centre for Nursing Studies, established in 1996, offers programs that are designed to give students high quality nursing education. The Centre is affiliated with the Association of Canadian Community Colleges, Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador, Atlantic Region Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing, Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing, Canadian Nurses Association, and Council for Licensed Practical Nurses. Its mission is to “promote an environment that facilitates learning across the continuum of nursing education, aimed at preparing caring and competent practitioners and leaders ... ... continued below

About Centre for Nursing Studies

... through its commitment to excellence in nursing education, scholarship, research and practice.” Its vision is to “be a provincial, national and international leader for excellence in nursing education, scholarship, research and practice.”

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

The Centre for Nursing Studies relocated to Southcott Hall in the east end of St. John’s. The new location offers state-of-the-art conference, lecture theatres, and lab facilities, student facilities, a learning resource centre, and administrative and faculty offices. Its technology supports the enhancement of students’ capabilities that deliver distance education and on-site programs. The International Resource Centre simulates both hospital and clinical environments. Its various clinical equipment and teaching aids are useful to students for their practice and training. They include: Health Assessment Equipment, Breast Models, Glucomoter (limited number of supplies provided with glucomoter), BP Cuffs, TSE Model, Condom Teaching Model, Contraception Display, Otoscope/Opthalmoscope Kits, Posters, and Anatomy Models.

Student Services and Student Life

The Centre for Nursing Studies offers students services, which include: Student Health, Guidance and Counselling, Residence, SHINE, PLAR, and Writing Skills. Counselling Services help students meet the challenges that they encounter in their academic studies. Some of the regularly scheduled small group sessions include: Enhancing Study Skills, Multiple Choice Exams, Criteria Reference Exams, Resume Writing, Building Clinical Confidence, and Dealing with Death & Dying. PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) is a process that facilitates the entry of an adult learner in the academic setting. The methods that the faculty uses for assessment includes: transfer credit, portfolio assessment, oral interview, performance evaluation, and written exam or assignments. SHINE (Spirituality, the Heart in Nursing Experience) is an organization set up by the Pastoral Ministry to help students and faculty develop and incorporate spirituality in nursing care. They establish caring relationships of friendship and support; nurture existing spiritual beliefs and practices; support the search for personal spirituality; and facilitate incorporation in nursing care.

Academic Programs

The Centre for Nursing Studies offers the following programs: Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program, the Nurse Practitioner Program, various continuing education programs or workshop trainings for Registered Nurses. Licensed Practical Nurses, and the Licensed Practical Nursing Program.

Off-Campus Living

Students who want to live near the Centre can ask information regarding housing residences at St. John’s, through the housing department of Memorial University of Newfoundland.

St. John's Information

St. John's is a thriving city where the nightlife is always alive and exciting, shopping is plentiful, sports and cultural centres are all in the heart of the city. Economic development in Newfoundland and Labrador has boomed in the last few years, with offshore oil development, manufacturing opportunities and a growing tourism industry. Marine Institute is uniquely positioned in a province where old and new, and tradition and technology meet and where its closeness to Europe and the rest of North America means the best of both worlds.

St. John's is the provincial capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The city is located on the northeast coast of the Avalon Peninsula in southeastern Newfoundland, and on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the most easterly city in North America, as well as the second largest city in Atlantic Canada.

The city's economy is growing quickly, and the city has been identified as having one of the highest proportion of scientists and engineers per capita of any city under one million population in North America. Today, its continued growth is as much tied to what lies beneath the ocean " oil and gas " as what swims in or travels across the ocean.

Of all major cities in Canada, St John's is the cloudiest, snowiest, and has the most wet days per year. However, St. John's has the third mildest winter in comparison to other Canadian cities.


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