Carlton Trail Regional College
Quick Facts:
Tuition: $4,800.00  Students: 3,000
623 Seventh Street
Humboldt, SK      S0K 2A0
(306) 682-2623

Carlton Trail Regional College

Carlton Trail Regional College is a rural institute that serves the eastern-central part of Saskatchewan. The College is one of the nine Saskatchewan Regional Colleges that serve the employment, career, educational, and training needs of the province. It has adopted the phrase “Find Your Future” to illustrate their approach to student-centered learning. ... continued below

About Carlton Trail Regional College

Campus: Facilities, Residence and Location

Carlton Trail has five campuses: Humboldt Office, Davidson Office, Southey Office, Watrous Office, and Wynyard Office. Humboldt is located 79 minutes East of Saskatoon; Davidson Office is situated between Saskatoon and Regina; Southey Office is 60 km. North of Regina; Watrous Office is 70 minutes Southeast of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and serves the East central region of Carlton Trail; Wynyard Office is situated on the Trans Canada Highway between Yorkton and Saskatoon. It serves the Northeast Region of Carlton Trail.

Student Services and Student Life

The College offers the following services to its students: Counselling Services (Personal Counselling), Financial Counselling, Career & Academic Counselling, Employment Services Learner Support (Technical Assistance), Tutor Matching, Study Skills / Life Management, Exam Invigilation, Employer Services, Employment Services, Student Financial Assistance (Student Loans), Provincial Training Allowance, and Community Access Program (Saskatchewan Community Access Program).

Academic Programs

Carlton Trail offers the following programs:

Agriculture, Computers, Health and Safety, Industry and Trades, Lifeskills and Career Building, Personal Interest);

Agriculture, Business and Management, Computers, Education, Health and Safety, Industry and Trades, Lifeskills and Career Building, Literacy, Online and Distance Education, Personal Interest;

Agriculture, Business and Management, Computers, Education, Health and Safety, Industry and Trades, Lifeskills and Career Building, Online and Distance Education, Personal Interest;

Agriculture, Computers, Education, Health and Safety, Industry and Trades, Lifeskills and Career Building, Personal Interest;

Agriculture, Computers, Education, Health and Safety, Industry and Trades, Lifeskills and Career Building, Personal Interest, Online and Distance Education.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Students who want to apply for a scholarship can inquire at the respective college offices in the campuses. Those who are registered in the programs of Carlton Trail Regional College are suitable candidates for Canada Millenium Scholarships. The College offers Centennial Merit Scholarships to high school students who are entering post-secondary training programs at a full-time basis. The scholarships are provided by the Department of Learning based on their academic qualifications. Bursaries for Saskatchewan Students are available to students who are studying to become Nurses, Primary Care Nurse Practitioners, Emergency Medical Technicians, Pharmacists, Medical Radiation Specialists, And Medical Laboratory Technologists and Cytologists. KIN Canada Bursaries are for full-time students in the process of graduating from high school. CN Scholarship for Women are for female students who are accepted into a fall semester in a specific non-traditional trade program. Centennial Merit Scholarship is available to any Saskatchewan high school student who is entering a full-time program at the College. Davidson Cooperative Association Ltd. Scholarship is for any resident of the Davidson trading area with high academic achievement. Rose Nolan Memorial Scholarship is for Aboriginal women and members of a First Nation community in Canada.

Humboldt Information

After being established as a city, Humboldt became an important location in Saskatchewan's "Iron Triangle", and is also known as the sure-crop district for its reliable growing weather. This led Humboldt to become a centre for farming equipment and supply businesses. It is also the home of several manufacturing plants including Doepker Industries, Del-Air Systems, Romperland Playground Structures, CIM, and Coil-Tech. Humboldt and area is also the centre of Saskatchewan's Hog Producing area. Big Sky Farms and Stomp Pork Farms are two of Canada's largest pork producers.

Today Humboldt still has a large farm based economy from manufacturing and livestock, although the 2006 census reveals its population as of that year dipped slightly below the 5,000 threshold for city status, although not enough to endanger its city charter.

Humboldt has three elementary schools, two Catholic and one public. It has one high school, which is public. There is also a satellite of the University of Saskatchewan, St. Peter's College located in Muenster. St. Peter's College also hosts many sporting and arts events. Humboldt is in the process of building a new hospital facility on the north end of the city, the facility will serve Humboldt and district. Humboldt has a museum downtown, an Antique and Vintage Museum south of the city and one public library. The Uniplex is Humboldt's recreational facility with curling rink, one skating and hockey rink and an indoor aquatic centre featuring a waterslide, large pool, whirlpool, kiddie pool and a community centre for conventions and meetings. There is one indoor mall, The Humboldt Mall as well as several strip malls and a vibrant downtown district. The city also features one of Saskatchewan's nicest 18 hole golf courses. The course is located next to Waterridge Park a lake-front urban park, and the Humboldt Historical Park and Campground.

Situate 4 miles west of Humboldt along Saskatchewan Highway 5 and two miles south is the Kloppenburg Wildlife Refuge. It consists of 160 acres of land which have never been cultivated. This property was donated to provide to future generations an example of the vegetation and natural conditions of the land around Humboldt before European settlement after 1900.

Humboldt has ten churches: Humboldt Alliance Church, St. John's Lutheran, St. Andrew's Anglican Church, St. Augustine Catholic Church, Living Word Ministries, All Saints Ukrainian Catholic Church, Humboldt Bible Church, Westminster United Church of Canada, First Baptist Church and Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses.


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