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Tall Clubs International Scholarship

Deadline: Mar 01, 2024
Kae Sumner Einfeldt, founder of Tall Clubs International, Inc. had dreams of creating an organization that would promote causes that benefit tall people. In 1992, one of those dreams became a reality in the creation of the Tall Clubs International Foundation, Inc. The Foundation began accepting donations as a not-for-profit charitable organization and then became a IRS code 501(c)(3) organization.Each...

Apprenticeship Service Program

Deadline: Mar 01, 2024
With a shortage of skilled workers across the trade industry, the Apprenticeship Service Program makes it easier for small to medium-sized enterprises to hire first-year apprentices in specific Red Seal trades across Canada through financial incentives funded by the Government of Canada’s Apprenticeship Service, and in partnership with EHRC (Electricity Human Resources Canada).The Apprenticeship Service Program is designed to incentivize...

The Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence supports recruiting exceptional students to AI-related master’s programs in Ontario. A $17,500 entrance scholarship awarded to top students pursuing AI master’s in Ontario university, these merit-based entrance awards recognize exceptional candidates pursuing a master’s program recognized by the Vector Institute or candidates who are following an individualized study path that is demonstrably AI-focused.Nominations for the...

Dick Shaw Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: Mar 25, 2024
The chapter set up this scholarship to honor the memory of our member Dick Shaw. Dick was a well-respected inspector for Worksafe BC, who was a tireless advocate for blasting safety. He passed from a heart attack in 2007 shortly before he was due to retire.This scholarship will be awarded to a full-time post-secondary student in Canada who's study relates...

Kochhar & Co. Scholarship

Deadline: Mar 31, 2024
Kochhar & Co. Chartered Professional Accountant was founded in 2011 by Biki Kochhar, a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant, with a small office and a single staff member. Kochhar & Co. specializes in owner-managed corporations based in the Okanagan Valley, and has offices in both downtown Kelowna and Penticton.Eligibility:To be eligible for the "Kochhar & Co. Scholarship" a student must:Be attending...

Young Women in Public Affairs Award

Deadline: Apr 01, 2024
Though about 40% of the world’s workforce is women, according to data from the Inter-Parliamentary Union, only 25.7% of all national parliamentarians were female as of 1 September 2021. Because Zonta International believes that young women are the key to women’s advancement in the field of public service, it offers the Young Women in Public Affairs (YWPA) Award, which recognizes...

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The Ontario city of Richmond Hill is part of the bigger Greater Toronto Area. Located in Southern Ontario, the city sits in the central part of North York. The city of Richmond Hill is ranked 28th as the most heavily populated municipality within Canada, and is 3rd in the York Region. The city of Richmond Hill was once called the "Rose Capital of the World," it is known as one of the fastest growing community in the 1990's. It was likewise ranked 23rd richest city in North America and third in Canada by the Fraser Institute.

The city of Richmond Hill is the home of the David Dunlap Observatory telescope, that is credited for a number of significant studies, comprising providing the first direct evidence that Cygnus X-1 was a black hole, pioneering measurements of the distance to globular clusters, and Polaris appeared to be "falling out" of the Cepheid variable division. The town is also a great location to enjoy and smell the sights of a thousand roses - literally! The "Communities in Bloom" competition showcases the most wonderful parks, gardens, and open spaces in the city, and it is a haven of paradise for both photographers and garden enthusiasts throughout the world.

The history of the area and its surroundings have been secured at the Richmond Hill Public Library. At the Richmond Hill Heritage Centre, there are collections, exhibits and documentation of the city's heritage. The A.J. Clark Interpretative Centre has an archaeological dig site close by that has unearthed vital historical artifacts of settlers who resided in the town numerous years ago. People who love music could go to Mill Pond "Concerts in the Park" for an evening of musical entertainment each and every Thursdays during July and August. There are also available concerts at Richmond Green Park that features a great lineup of musical repertoires. Some of the guest bands who have performed in these concerts were the Wallflowers, the Barenaked Ladies and the Good Brothers.

Richmond Hill is mainly composed of upper middle class to upper class people, like individuals who live within Heritage Estates and Bayview Hill. The years between 1990 and 2000 saw an upsurge of a stable and strong economic growth, and in those years, the city was able to win three provincial awards from the Economic Developers Council of Ontario. The bulk of the town's economy is mainly comprised of small companies. Some of the well-known businesses that have established their bases in the city of Richmond Hill are Acklands Grainger Inc., Apotex Inc., Compuwared, Levi Strauss, Lexmark, Science and Medicine Canada, and Mazda.