Manuel A. Barreto

Manuel A. Barreto is located in Mayaguez, Scholarships for students attending Manuel A. Barreto can be found in our scholarship database.

Calle Pilar Defillo


Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship

Deadline: Nov 15, 2022
To be considered eligible for the Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship you must:A) Be between the ages of 16 and 25 on the day of the deadline.B) Submit answers to the essay questions, which can be found on the application page, prior to the deadline.C) Have at least one full year of post-secondary studies remaining at the time of the award.D)...

Illinois First Generation Scholarship

Deadline: Oct 31, 2022
The attorneys at the Godoy Law Office Immigration Lawyers are passionate about assisting immigrant and refugee families to achieve the American Dream. We understand immigration policies and procedures are complex, and the process can be discouraging to those who are unfamiliar with the United States laws. First-generation immigrants and their children face some of the toughest immigration standards in recent...

Rangeland Scholarship

Deadline: Feb 01, 2023
The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association Rangeland Scholarship is an annual $1000 scholarship established in 1995 through donations by members matched by Saskatchewan Environment's Fish and Wildlife Development Fund. Leadership skills, community involvement, and academics are all important considerations for this scholarship. Who's Eligible? Applicants who meet the following criteria are eligible for this scholarship: A) The applicant must be a...

Lincoln Lane Scholarships

Deadline: Nov 15, 2022
The Lincoln-Lane Foundation welcomes applications from any high school or college student who is a resident of the Tidewater area of Virginia and meets the following guidelines: A) US Citizen or Permanent Resident. A copy of Alien Registration Receipt Card (I-151, I-551, or I-551C) is required. B) GPA of 3.0 or higher C) Financial Need D) Applying to, or currently...

Aspiring Attorney Scholarship

Deadline: Oct 31, 2022
Our firm has decided to offer the Aspiring Attorney Scholarship to give back to students who are interested in practicing law! We hope that this $1,000 award will help lessen the financial burden of a passionate future attorney. We are interested in hearing what inspired you to become an attorney. What area of law are you specifically interested in practicing...

Market Yourself Scholarship

Deadline: Jan 24, 2023
At OVC, INC., we provide online marketing services for attorneys and law firms, helping them connect with the people who need their assistance. We value our relationships with the lawyers we serve, and we appreciate the dedication that goes into earning a law degree, establishing and growing a legal practice, and providing quality legal representation to people in need. With...