Through a Project entitled “Community Connections” the Association serves as one of the sites equipped with specialized technology to enable persons with disabilities to develop computer skills and to learn how to access the internet.

The site is one of 8 sites featuring WEB-4 all technology and is part of a large pilot of this technology in Canada. WEB-4 All sites have software technology designed to address a variety of access needs including enlarged screens and speech programs with voice output for visually impaired and blind users. Having access to such technology enables persons with disabilities to learn computer skills while conducting job searches and gathering information about services and programs. The site is linked to 650 other sites offering disability related services such as the Independent Living Resource Centre, Reaching Equality Employment Services, the Canadian Centre for Disability Studies and Success Skills Centre.

To find out what type of financial assistance AFRICAN CANADIAN DISABILITY COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION INC. may offer, please visit their website at:

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