In response to the U of M's inadequate scholarship and bursary program, the UMSU Council, in 1996, passed a resolution creating a new student fee of $30 per student. Distribution works as follows: 30% for scholarships, 40% for bursaries, and 30% for the Endowment Fund. Scholarships are distributed to the top 4% of all students by Faculty and are based on academic merit. Bursaries are awarded, on a capita basis, to all students based on financial need.

As members of UMSU, students are eligible for a total of $850,000 in scholarships and bursaries, awarded on an annual basis. While most of the awards are distributed automatically through Financial Aid and Awards, there are a few scholarships given out through UMSU (in second semester only - check back in the spring for these application forms).

To find out what type of financial assistance UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA STUDENTS' UNION ENDOWMENT FUND INC may offer, please visit their website at:

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