The AMA Board of Directors created the Achievement Awards in 1992 to honor a physician (Medal for Distinguished Service) and a non-physician (Medal of Honor) for their hard work in contributing to quality health care in Alberta.

The title of AMA Member Emeritus is awarded to members who have made significant contributions to the mission of the AMA. Nominations are accepted for this prestigious award.

The AMA, Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and MD Management Limited (MDM), in conjunction with the Canadian Medical Foundation, fund the AMA/CMF Medical Student Bursary. This bursary provides financial assistance to Alberta medical students who require assistance with the high cost associated with medical school.

The TD Insurance Meloche Monnex/AMA Scholarship was established with funding from TD Insurance Meloche Monnex to help physicians meet the changing medical needs of Alberta.

Each year the AMA Section of Rural Medicine and the universities of Alberta and Calgary awards the Dr. Michael Tarrant Scholarship, Alberta’s largest medical school undergraduate award.

The ADIUM Insurance Student Elective Travel Grant, sponsored by ADIUM Insurance Services Inc., was established to assist medical students in defraying the increasing costs of medical school. Grants of $500 have been randomly awarded to 20 medical students from Alberta's two medical schools who have traveled in order to complete required medical electives.

The CMA Special Awards include the following: Medal of Honour, Medal of Service, May Cohen Award for Women Mentors, Sir Charles Tupper Award for Political Action, F.N.G. Starr Award, Award for Excellence in Health Promotion, CMA Award for Young Leaders.

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