Intermediate Tennis - 2nd year

Designed to develop skill and knowledge of tennis at the intermediate level. The class will feature advance skill building such as advanced serves, ball spins, drop shots and team play.


By the end of the course, the students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate appreciation of tennis as a valuable lifelong activity that can be used for physical fitness;

2. Demonstrate good fundamental skills at the intermediate level;

3. Discuss and demonstrate the rules of tennis, including basic offensive and defensive strategy, and game etiquette;

4. Demonstrate coordination, flexibility, balance and endurance at an intermediate level by incorporating the basic techniques of stretching and conditioning as they apply to tennis;

5. Formulate opportunities for good competition and fun through class tournaments.


Course topics will include the following:

1. Review of history, etiquette, and rules

2. Game skills

a. Ball spin
b. Advanced serves
c. The lob
d. The smash
e. Drop shots and drop volleys
f. Half volley
g. Advanced court strategy
h. Ground strokes (forehand and backhand)

3. Tournaments

a. Ladder
b. Round robin
c. Elimination

Method of Instruction:

1. Films

2. Lectures

3. Discussions

4. Demonstrations

5. Drills

6. Practice

7. Play

8. Demonstration and Analysis of Instructor

Types of Assignments:

1. Written exam on rules and strategies of tennis

2. Demonstration of tennis techniques at the advanced beginner level of execution

3. Write a critique of a college or professional tennis match

4. Written self evaluation of practice matches played each week

Sample Text:

1. Tennis Anyone (Dick Gould, Palo Alto, National Press, 1971)

2. Tennis Magazine - published monthly

3. Tennis for the Future (Vic Braden, Little, Brown, and Co., 1977)