Intermediate Physical Fitness - 1st year

Designed for students who are at the intermediate level of physical fitness. Physical Fitness is designed as a vehicle to a personal preventative health maintenance program. Proper nutritional and safety information and a schedule of regular intermediate level aerobic activity are some of the tools provided.


By the end of this course, students will be able to:

1. Identify major muscle groups and function;

2. Demonstrate improved strength and flexibility as demanded by weight room exercises as well as cool- down stretches;

3. Demonstrate improved coordination and proper form in nautilus and free weight exercises;

4. Set up a work out routine.


Course topics will include the following:

1. Major muscle groups and functions

2. Work out routine

a. Self testing techniques

3. Flexibility Activity

a. Techniques for optimum stretch
b. Value of flexibility

4. Relationship of exercise and nutrition

a. Pre-exercise meals
b. Carbohydrate loading

5. Nautilus and free-weight exercises

Method of Instruction:

1. Participation in class activities

2. Analysis and demonstration by instructor

Types of Assignments:

1. Written exam at completion of course

2. Complete a fitness test at the beginning of the course and compare it to the fitness test at the end of the course to measure fitness progress