Introduction to Studio Arts - 1st year

A beginning visual arts studio course that introduces the student to the conceptualization of two and three-dimensional art forms. Students will learn fundamental art making techniques by experimenting with a range of media that will include drawing, painting, sculpture and digital photography.


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate proficiency with basic art tools and techniques;

2. Demonstrate critical thinking skills by expanding and attending to problem-solving conditions in unique and creative ways;

3. Conceptualize ideas within art forms;

4. Analyze relationships of form and surface through both two and three-dimensional exercises;

5. Incorporate basic design principles to create effective compositions;

6. Identify the creative working methods and practices unique to the artist;

7. Recognize the diversity of art forms in the visual arts.


Course topics will include the following:

1. Basic art terms and vocabulary

2. Basic skills that will enable students to construct art works effectively

3. A variety of media and art-making practices that will inspire creativity

4. Realization of ideas through both conscious and unconscious idea formation

5. Identification of important artists/art movements

Method of Instruction:

1. Art Demonstrations

2. Lecture/Slide, film, video, visual aids

3. Class Discussion

4. Exhibition presentations

5. Library research

Types of Assignments:

1. Weekly and bi-weekly art projects

2. Student art presentations

3. Reading assignments/project work outside class

4. Research assignments: library, art museum and gallery visit

5. Midterm and Final project assessments

Sample Text:

1. Artforms, Preble and Preble, 6th edition

2. Design Basics, David A Lauer