Intermediate Speaking - 2nd year

This is an oral communication strategies course for students who are non-native speakers of English but who have previously studied English. The course emphasizes interpersonal techniques for group and whole class discussion, academic presentations, vocabulary expansion, and pronunciation practice.


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

1. Engage in spontaneous conversations by making relevant comments, asking questions, and/or signaling a lack of comprehension.

2. Demonstrate knowledge of small group conventions (e.g., soliciting and offering opinions, agreeing and disagreeing).

3. Demonstrate some control in small group discussions (e.g., initiating topic, staying on topic, interrupting).

4. Ask (the teacher, a classmate) for clarification of conversation, lecture, and media presentation content.

5. Discuss topics related to the content of a lecture or media presentation.

6. Briefly restate, from notes, the main ideas of a lecture.

7. Deliver, from notes, an oral presentation with appropriate organization, delivery, and development of academic topic.

8. Demonstrate pronunciation that is intelligible to native speakers accustomed to dealing with international students.


Course topics will include the following:

1. Conversation strategies

2. Small group discussion techniques

3. Interpersonal communication

4. Summarizing techniques

5. Oral presentation techniques

6. Communication strategies for academic settings

Method of Instruction:

1. Lecture

2. Discussion

3. Small group activities

4. Student presentations

5. Modeling

6. Role play

Types of Assignments:

1. Listening comprehension

2. Note-taking

3. Vocabulary expansion

4. Prepared and spontaneous oral production