Webpage Development - 1st year

Introduction to website development. Hands-on activities will teach the student how to connect to a webserver and transfer files. Students will gain experience with a variety of technologies used to author web content to create informative, easy-to-use, well organized websites. Students prepare an individual e-portfolio.


By the end of this course, students will be able to:

1. Explain the social impact, describe current problems and assess the future potential of the Internet;

2. Explain how the Internet works;

3. Define Internet terminology;

4. Identify software used in webpage development;

5. Use principles of design to plan attractive, user-friendly web pages;

6. Establish a connection to a web server and upload and download files;

7. Script web pages;

8. Modify webpage content;

9. Create an e-Portfolio.


Course topics will include the following:

1. Social impact, current problems, future potential of the Internet

2. Structure of the Internet

3. Web authoring tools

4. Layout and design

5. Markup languages

6. Style sheets

7. Document object modules/dynamic pages

8. Scripting languages

9. Security

Method of Instruction:

1. Lecture

2. Discussion

3. Small Group Activities and Projects

4. Audio Visual

5. Other: “Hands-on” programming assignments

Types of Assignments:

1. Reading: Weekly textbook assignments.

2. Presentations: Using poster boards to explore principles of layout and design.

3. Programming projects may include such projects as:

a. Establishing a connection to the Internet and upload/download files
b. Creating a simple webpage incorporating text and images and present tabular data
c. Using style sheets to provide consistent and aesthetically pleasing webpage layouts
d. Incorporating the document object module to provide dynamic interactive webpage features
e. Using a scripting language to create simple validation scripts
f. Implementing an e-Portfolio to present student’s personal interests or academic achievements.

Sample Text:

1. Teach Yourself Visually HTML (Kinkoph) 2004

2. HTML: Comprehensive Concepts and Techniques, 3rd Ed. (Shelly, Cashman, Woods, Dorin) 2004

3. Programming the Web with Student CD, 1st Ed. (Sosinsky, Hilly) 2004

4. HTML: Your Visual Blueprint for Designing Effective Web Pages (Maran, Ruth) 2005