Elementary Mandarin 1 - 1st year

Introduction to spoken and written Mandarin, providing practice in listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. This course will include extensive utilization of cultural material and information.


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

1. Speak words, phrases, and sentences in Mandarin with the proper pronunciation and intonation;

2. Use appropriate words and phrases in various social situations;

3. Write grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs in Hanyu pinyin romanization and traditional and simplified characters;

4. Read elementary texts written in Chinese.


Will vary slightly depending on course text, but the basic content will include pronunciation and intonation, basic grammar, Hanyu pinyin Romanization and traditional and simplified characters, elementary conversational skills for various social situations, and a large repertoire of basic phrases and vocabulary.

Method of Instruction:

After the first day of class, the instructor will gradually increase use of Chinese as the language of instruction. While the writing system will be introduced and practiced, the course will emphasize listening, speaking, and grammar.

Types of Assignments:

1. Regular lab work (drills and exercises)

2. Homework assignments from the reading and writing workbook

3. Class preparation

4. Occasional supplemental exercises using the interactive CD-ROM program and/or other computer software or material from the Internet

Sample Text:

1. Integrated Chinese: Traditional Character Edition Level 1 Part 1, Textbook, Character Workbook and Workbook (Tao-chung Yao and Yuehua liu, Boston: Cheng & Tsui Co., 1997)

2. Audiotapes: Integrated Chinese 1, Volume 1, Textbook, Workbook, and Supplementary Listening Materials