Introduction to Interpersonal Communication - 1st year

Fundamental course introducing the concepts and theories of interpersonal communication. Topics include: process and functions of communication, relationship development, communication strategies, interpersonal language skills, listening and response skills and managing conflict.


By the end of this course, students will be able to:

1. Define and identify elements and functions of interpersonal communication;

2. Define and identify the process and functions of perception: self-concept;

3. Improve accuracy of self-/other-perception;

4. Develop listening and feedback skills;

5. Able to communicate ideas and feelings;

6. Develop and use interpersonal language and managing conflict skills.


Course topics will include the following:

1. Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication: The Communication Process; Communication Communicating, functions of Communication

2. Perception Process: Definition, Perception and Communication, Self-concept

3. Relationships and Communication: Relationship Theories, Nature and Stages of Relationships, Levels of Communication with Relationships

4. Verbal Communication: Language, Language and Perception, Connotation, Denotation, Interpersonal Language Skills

5. Nonverbal Communication: Time, Proxemics, Haptics, Kinesics, Paralanguage

6. Communication of Ideas and Feelings: Self-disclosure, Describe Feelings, Crediting, Criticism

7. Listening and Feedback Skills

8. Managing Conflict: Types of Conflict, Patterns of Managing Conflict, Guidelines of Managing Conflict

Method of Instruction:

1. Lectures

2. Class Discussions

3. Small Group Activities

4. Student Presentations

5. Role Playing

6. Simulations

7. Use of Library for Research Projects

Types of Assignments:

1. Students will read approximately one chapter-length assignment per week

2. Students must be able to take notes from their textbook and supplementary readings and from lectures

3. Students must be able to write a well-organized paper, free from errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Sample Text:

1. Interpersonal Communication: Relating To Others (Steven A. Beebe, Susan J. Beebe and Mark V. Redmond, Allyn and Bacon. 1996)