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Nouvelle Institute is a private for-profit institution located in Miami, FL. The school has... approximately 56 undergraduate students. The school offers students degree opportunities. The average family income of students that are attending this school is $6,702. The average age of students entering Nouvelle Institute is 35. The most popular programs at the Nouvelle Institute are: Personal And Culinary Services (100%), .

Tuition & Fees

Below is what you can expect to pay if you are attending the Nouvelle Institute.

Tuition & Fees
Books, Supplies, & Living Expenses
Total Expected Costs

Average Cost for Students on Financial Aid
Cost for Students on Financial Aid by Family Income

Depending on the fedaral, state, or institutional grant aid available, students in your income bracket may pay more or less than the overall average costs.

Family Income Average Cost
$0 - $30,000 $10,043.00
$30,001 - $48,000 $0.00
$48,001 - $75,000 $0.00
$75,001 - $110,000 $0.00
$110,000 + $0.00

Below is a detailed breakdown of the student body at the Nouvelle Institute.

56 Undergraduate Students

Male Students: 2%

Female Students: 98%

100% Full Time / < 1% Part Time

Average Age of Entry : 35

Low Income Students: 100%

Race / Ethnicity

The graduation rate at the Nouvelle Institute is displayed as a percentage of students admitted.

Graduation Rate
Students who Return after their First Year

Below is a list of the degree programs that are offered at the Nouvelle Institute.

  • Personal and Culinary Services

Most Popular Programs
  • Personal And Culinary Services (100%)