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What education do you need to become a Psychologists?

1. You must have a graduate university degree in psychology and be registered with a regulatory body in all provinces and the Northwest Territories. Membership in a provincial professional association for psychologists is voluntary.

2. You must have a doctoral degree in Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia and a master's or doctoral degree in all other provinces and the Northwest Territories. In Prince Edward Island, you must have a doctorate to work in professional private practice, while a master's degree limits practice to institutions/agencies.

3. In Ontario and Manitoba, you need a master's degree for the designation of Psychological Associate, and you need permission by provincial regulatory authorities to perform duties restricted to psychologists, namely diagnosing and communicating the diagnoses to clients.

4. You must complete a period of supervised practical experience in most jurisdictions.

5. You must successfully finish the written Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) in most provinces/territories and oral examinations and/or board interviews in some provinces/territories.

6. Most recent entrants have a graduate degree.

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