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What is a day in the life of a Editors like?

Editors perform some or all of the following duties:

A. Editors may specialize in a particular subject area, such as news, sports or features, or in a particular type of publication, such as books, magazines, newspapers or manuals.

B. Evaluate suitability of manuscripts, articles, news copy and wire service dispatches for publication, broadcast or electronic media and recommend or make changes in content, style and organization

C. Read and edit copy to be published or broadcast to detect and correct errors in spelling, grammar and syntax, and shorten or lengthen copy as space or time requires

D. Confer with authors, staff writers, reporters and others regarding revisions to copy

E. Plan and implement layout or format of copy according to space or time allocations and significance of copy

F. Plan and co-ordinate activities of staff and assure production deadlines are met

G. Plan coverage of upcoming events and assign work accordingly

Career Related Questions

  1. What education do you need to become a Editors ?
    1. You usually need a bachelor's degree in English, French, journalism or a related field. 2. You usually need... more
  2. What is the current Job Outlook for a Editors ?
    The job outlook for Editors is considered Average because: 1. Employment grew at an above-average rate. 2.... more
  3. What is the future Job Outlook for a Editors?
    Your job outlook will continue to be Average because: 1. The employment growth rate will likely be average with... more
  4. How much does a Editors make?
    The average hourly wages for Editors is $23.54/HR, which is above average for occupations in the art, culture,... more
  5. What is the currently unemployment rate for a Editors"?
    4% of Editors are unemployed. This rate is above the average for professionnal occupations. more
  6. How many Editors are employed part-time?
    18% of Editors are employed only on a part-time basis. There were 14,000 workers employed in these occupations in... more
  7. How many Editors are self-employed?
    Roughly 21% of Editors are self-employed. This is considered Average for the industry as a whole. more
  8. What is the average age of a Editors?
    The retirement rate to 2009 will likely be average reflecting the age/retirement structure of the occupation. more