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What education do you need to become a General Farm Workers?

1. You need no specific education or training. However, you may obtain college certificates or specialized courses related to farming, such as farm equipment mechanics, agricultural welding, tree pruning, and pesticide application.

2. You may benefit from previous farm experience, maybe on a family farm.

3. With experience, you may move up the ranks to become a supervisor.

4. Most recent entrants have a community college diploma, and almost 2 in 5 have a trade/vocational certificate.

Career Related Questions

  1. What is a day in the life of a General Farm Workers like?
    General farm workers perform some or all of the following duties: A. General farm workers can become specialized... more
  2. What is the current Job Outlook for a General Farm Workers ?
    The job outlook for General Farm Workers is considered Below Average because: 1. Employment grew at a... more
  3. What is the future Job Outlook for a General Farm Workers?
    Your job outlook will continue to be Below Average because: 1. The employment growth rate will likely be below... more
  4. How much does a General Farm Workers make?
    The average hourly wages for General Farm Workers is $10.67/HR, which is below average for occupations in the primary... more
  5. What is the currently unemployment rate for a General Farm Workers"?
    11% of General Farm Workers are unemployed. This rate is above the average for intermediate occupations. more
  6. How many General Farm Workers are employed part-time?
    28% of General Farm Workers are employed only on a part-time basis. There were 67,100 workers employed in these... more
  7. How many General Farm Workers are self-employed?
    Roughly 19% of General Farm Workers are self-employed. This is considered Average for the industry as a whole. more
  8. What is the average age of a General Farm Workers?
    The relatively high percentage of younger workers suggests more entry-level positions and jobs that may serve as... more