What are the differents types of Nutritionist?

1. Nutrition Scientists

Nutrition scientists are those individuals who use the scientific method to study nutrients, both as individual compounds and as they interact in food and nutrition. The role of the nutrition scientist is to develop new knowledge related to nutrients or nutrition or to develop new processes or techniques to apply existing knowledge. For example, nutrition scientists have been involved in developing food preservation processes, determining nutrient requirements for various animal species, how individual nutrients function within the cells of the human body, and identifying nutrition-related problems in various populations.

2. Public Health Nutritionists

Public health nutritionists are professionals who view the community as their client. They specialize in diagnosing the nutritional problems of communities and in finding solutions to those problems. Some examples of public health nutrition interventions include the fortification of salt with iodine to prevent Goiter or the enrichment of grain products with B vitamins to prevent deficiency diseases. Read More