Astronomy Career Questions

  1. What does an Astronomer do?
    Contrary to the classical image of an old astronomer peering through a telescope through the dark hours of the night, it is very rare for a modern... more
  2. What education do you need to become a Physicist?
    This is what you typically need for the job:Physicists usually require a master's or doctoral degree in a field of physics, engineering physics, or in a related... more
  3. What salary can I expect to make as a Physicists and Astronomers?
    Once employed, Physicists and Astronomers can expect to earn an average of $147,450.00 per year throughout their career. more
  4. How many people are currently employed as a Physicists and Astronomers in the United States?
    There are approximately 19500 people employed as a Physicists and Astronomers. more
  5. What is the expected job growth of Physicists and Astronomers ?
    In addition, over the coming 10 years Physicists and Astronomers will see fairly rapid growth within their industry. They should experience a 8.0% rate of growth during... more
  6. What education level is needed to become a Physicists and Astronomers?