How to Use Social Media Trends for Your Argumentative Essay

How to Use Social Media Trends for Your Argumentative Essay

The essay has always been the most popular type of student work, as it allows teachers to see how well-versed the student is in a specific topic. The teacher can test several skills at once: attentiveness, the ability to articulate a thought, choose arguments and facts to support the thesis, as well as out-of-the-box thinking.

If you need to write an argumentative essay, then why not take social media trends as food for thought? Below, we have collected key ideas on how to create a brilliant argumentative essay and which topics to take for inspiration. 

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Main Components Of A Good Essay

In an argumentative essay, you need to defend your opinion regarding a topic. It can’t be written without persuasive arguments and in-depth research: otherwise, you won’t convince the reader that you are right. In the introduction, you indicate the thesis (the idea that you will prove). Also, provide the background information necessary to understand your argument.

This is followed by three paragraphs: each with arguments and evidence of the thesis. Let there be examples, statistics, studies, research, etc. Then, you can indicate a counterargument: consider the topic from different angles to earn the reader's trust. In the conclusion, summarize key thoughts without duplicating what was written above or using new data.

To make your voice heard, make sure your text is easy to perceive. It must be well structured, consistent and reinforced with powerful reasoning and evidence. When you've finished a draft, give it to your friends: you could definitely use a fresh pair of eyes. Also, to free your work from errors and complex sentences, use such AI-based tools as Grammarly and Hemingway.

Topics For Inspiration

The Impact Of Social Media On Mental Health And Well-being

Many scientists claim that social media increases anxiety, loneliness, stress and symptoms of depression. It also negatively affects self-esteem. Unlike the joy that comes from hard work, scrolling through your Instagram feed gives you an immediate rush of dopamine.

It turns out that the rapid release of dopamine is addictive and can lead to anxiety and other mental disorders. In an essay on this topic, you can present arguments showing how social networks create negative patterns for our psyche and also share your own experience on this matter.

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The Role Of Social Media In Promoting Fake News And Misinformation

Social media platforms have become a source of news that people trust and read regularly. While social media can be beneficial, it also has a downside. Today, it is filled with fake information, which isn’t so easy to detect. According to research, it negatively affects society, including being a threat to democracy.

Fake news comes in many forms, from propaganda to manipulations and completely fabricated content. Fortunately, the audience is increasingly interested in who owns the media and what goals they pursue. This topic will be especially relevant for students of political science and international relations.

The Role Of Social Media In Promoting Political Polarization 

In recent years, social media has increased the availability of content with incitement. We mean information attacks, disinformation and conspiracy theories. They have put us into some kind of hyperpolarized bubbles.

Many studies show that social media is accelerating the trend towards dividing and tearing countries apart. Today, it is unclear how to solve this problem. Perhaps the most popular solution is to provide platform users with more content for critical analysis.

And if you've been finding social media particularly annoying lately, it's probably because of how it's shaping your perception of what's going on. As well as the views and perceptions of your friends.

The Effects Of Social Media On Privacy

A few years ago, Mark Zuckerberg said that the desire to protect personal space is no longer the norm for us. People share personal information in the public domain and it’s a fact. “Who would ever want to post information about themselves on the internet?” That's what Zuckerberg was asked about years ago. Now, we can hardly imagine our reality without this ritual.

You have probably heard about the app named BeReal. Why has it become so widespread? This is the simplest photo-sharing program that allows you to stay in touch with friends once a day. With the help of social networks, you can find out literally everything about a person: their social circle, interests, favorite locations, place of study and work. How will this affect society in the long term?

In Conclusion

Perhaps social networks are an ideal topic for an argumentative essay since they have a lot of contradictions. Some admire how they help to find like-minded people, express themselves in society and broaden their horizons. Others are afraid that social networks are highly addictive and lead to great division.

What do you think about it? What arguments can you give to support your position? Indicate all this in your work. Good luck!