How to Be Popular in College

How to Be Popular in College

Do you want to become the person other students want to be friends with? Well, popular people are respected and admired. Others turn to them for advice, invite them to various events and strive to get into their company. Why do some easily become the center of attention while others only crave it? How to earn recognition among other students? 

Below, we have compiled time-tested tips that have helped many of us. So, they will help you too. Plus, you can always study more materials on how to win friends and become more charismatic. But if you lack time for it, don’t worry. Send your homework to the write paper for me cheap for me website and let experienced professionals do the job for you. Since they know perfectly what your paper needs, the grade you get will undoubtedly be high. 

Be Open

Easy to say, hard to do, right? Well, in times of digitalization, many of us stay on our phones 24/7, rarely making eye contact. So the very first step is to expand your social circle. Popular people are known in many groups.

Make friends among groupmates and other faculties, dorm neighbors, and members of clubs and societies. Be the first to start a dialogue and offer to spend time by organizing study sessions or just drinking coffee together. Support your acquaintances in all their endeavors and try to spread positive energy whenever you can. 

Free Yourself From Judgment

Nobody likes toxic people who are mean to others. Judgment, gossip, and scandals only distance people from each other. Therefore, it is important to remember that a kind attitude wins over many hearts. Try not to judge people since everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. In the end, only a positive, smiling person can become truly magnetic.

Become An Inspiration For Others

We don’t mean reaching out to others with unnecessary advice and telling them what to do. This is actually a disservice, so respond to help when asked. Another key thing is enjoying others’ success. After all, a friend is someone who is there for you not only when in trouble but also in a happy moment, right?

Learn to be generous and forget people’s little mistakes. They will certainly appreciate that. Criticism and judgment make us feel terrible. So try being a safe place for others if you have enough mental resources for that. 

Don’t Tolerate Negativity

The more people you know, the more conflicting reactions you will evoke in them. It is impossible to please everyone. Most likely, you will meet envious people on your path. 

First, say goodbye to the ill-wishers. Stop communicating with a friend who belittles you non-stop and shares toxic comments.

Second, learn to stand up for yourself. Show that you will not tolerate a bad attitude. Learn to say “no” and protect your personal boundaries.

Third, don’t take other people’s words personally. Bullying reflects their own problems, not yours. 

Stay Active

New emotions and experiences are a great way to build confidence and meet new people. Don’t be afraid of exciting offers. Put aside all worries and doubts so that you can use every opportunity to expand your boundaries. In the process, you may have a new hobby and, most likely, a new friend.

  • Go to new coffee shops and places where students gather;
  • Attend sports events and parties;
  • Sign up for classes (be it coding courses or lessons on art history) and other activities.

Most importantly, such events allow you to communicate in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Be True To Yourself

By impersonating someone else, you will be in constant tension. We aren’t sincere when we try to please others by living up to their expectations. And vice versa, by remaining who we are, we allow our natural talents to open up. This naturally attracts other people, making us popular.

Don’t Inflate Your Status

If you’re going to make an impression, it’s best to give up boasting. No one wants to communicate with a narcissist trying to make others love them. Let your real actions speak louder than words. For example, if you recently took a yoga course or mastered motivational techniques, don’t tell others how great you are. Better focus on how these activities have helped you and why others should try them too. 

Don’t Forget About The Sense Of Humour

To gain popularity, we shouldn’t be too serious. Humor is one of the most necessary factors that make any dialogue super enjoyable. Of course, we don’t mean becoming the new member of comedy shows, but a good joke will certainly help create the right atmosphere.

Be An Active Listener

Listening to other people is essential for winning their hearts. To be popular, learn to understand others’ ideas, concerns, and feelings. People love to talk about themselves, so try to tune in with your interlocutor. Plus, remember about eye contact. By the way, this step is well described by Dale Carnegie in his works on winning friends, so be sure to study them.

Work On Your Charisma

In Christian theology, the term charisma stands for an extraordinary power given by the Holy Spirit. This is what makes us charming and attracts people to us. It may be a great sense of humor or the ability to tell stories in an exciting way, thereby captivating listeners. 

Charisma is also about what makes you different from others. So never stop unleashing your potential and becoming the best version of yourself. In fact, you can do profound research on charisma online, while one of the best essay writing services takes care of your homework.

To Wrap It Up

Here’s a tip that combines the above steps - don’t wear a mask. You have to be real and be proud of it. Think about your merits. College is the perfect place to grow up and get to know yourself better. Plus, the people you meet here are likely to be your future colleagues or business partners. Networking is a wonderful thing since contacts are incredibly important in the modern world.