4 Exciting Career Options in Statistics

4 Exciting Career Options in Statistics

Despite earning honored degrees in law, economics, medicine, engineering, and other fields, graduates are still unable to secure constructive jobs. The best way out is to obtain special degrees to help you stand out in the job market.

Business statistics is a perfect option since it's a growing field with many fun and rewarding job opportunities. It's a complex area of study, but a bachelor's degree in statistics can open great career opportunities. Here are a few of the most exciting jobs you can secure in statistics.

1) Statistician

A statistician is an entry-level statistics job that provides a perfect way to start your career in the field. You can easily secure a job as a statistician since the position doesn't require extensive experience.

As a qualified statistician, you will be analyzing data and applying mathematical and statistical strategies to find solutions to problems. The most frequent employers of statisticians are private science and engineering research agencies and government organizations.

In most industries, a bachelor's degree is enough to get started in an entry-level role as a statistician. Nevertheless, if you want to advance to the level of a senior statistician, you might need to consider advancing your education. Earning an applied statistics masters can make you a more attractive candidate for a more senior and high-paying position.

2) Financial analyst

A financial analyst position is a great career opportunity to grow professionally. Although it requires experience and a deep understanding of business statistics, becoming a financial analyst offers many benefits. The average salary for a financial analyst in the US is $20.71 per hour and $74,647 per year.

As a financial analyst, your primary role is to help companies alleviate risks and maximize their revenue. You will be assessing the company's overall worth by calculating its financial statement. You will also be responsible for forecasting the company's performance and predicting change and future trends.

3) Market research analyst

Becoming a market researcher is a fun and rewarding career choice for a business statistics graduate. It is a role in high demand since businesses need to stay up to date with changing industry trends to improve their marketing strategies accordingly. 

The main role of a marketing research analyst is to thoroughly analyze marketing trends and real data for projecting sales. This process helps organizations make informed decisions that guarantee improved sales and long-term success.

4) Data analyst

The data analyst role is another excellent career opportunity for graduates with a statistic degree. A data scientist translates data and numbers into information that can be used to monitor business and solve problems. They use data analysis to generate accessible tables, charts, graphs, and reports. Data analysts are in high demand across various fields, including finance, pharmaceuticals, education, manufacturing, government, and consulting.

Essential skills for a data scientist are the ability to pay attention to details, effective communication, and being highly organized. You need to understand data and be able to offer insight and analysis through clear visual, verbal, and written communication.


Statistics is an excellent study major if you enjoy working with numbers to make things happen and find solutions to problems. While a career in statistics is not for all, it can bring great opportunities and rewards for the right person. These careers represent just a handful of job opportunities for people with statistics degrees.