4 Ways AI is Revolutionizing the Marketing Industry for Students

4 Ways AI is Revolutionizing the Marketing Industry for Students

According to HubSpot, the Artificial Intelligent market has grown significantly and will increase twenty times by 2030. As more industries embrace this powerful technology in their operations, we cannot deny that AI will improve our lives.

The marketing industry is among the leading sectors where AI tools have revolutionized operations. Marketers now use AI for automation and customer data analysis for better advertising strategies. Thus, it's vital for brands dealing in education materials and marketing students to understand how they can use AI to advance their marketing efforts.

As an overview, AI utilization in strategic marketing may start when a user types a query in a search engine. For example, suppose a college student wants an essay written. They will type something like ‘essay writer’ on Google to find a reputable brand to work with. An AI software would then collect their browsing data which marketers can use for strategic efforts.

Here are four more ways to use AI for marketing.

1) Personalization 

Consumer behavior has dramatically changed since the pandemic. More people prefer to buy their products online. A report by A.I. agency Keenfolks states that about 87% of people looking to purchase products start by searching for them online. Thus, marketers must be more innovative in presenting their products online. Otherwise, standing out would be difficult.

Customers are particular about what content they want to see. They relate more to content that matches their needs and interests and are more likely to purchase when brands show them what they want to see. That’s where advertisers can use AI to change their marketing methods by tailoring content to their target customers' needs.

For example, a student searching for essay services might want similar services, which an AI tool can recommend. They might be interested in finding the best research paper writing service, and would not mind being pointed in that direction. An AI tool can recommend these services to the student, who might buy them.

Other than paper writing services, brands dealing in college materials can use AI software to recommend related materials to students. Common phrases these AI tools use include  “You might also like,” "People who bought this product also viewed,” or “Recently viewed.”

2) Retargeted Marketing

Not every user who visits an online business’s site buys instantly. Here are the top reasons why customers don't buy immediately, no matter how good your brand or products are:

  • They are not in a hurry to buy
  • They aren’t interested in purchasing
  • They are weighing their options
  • They need more information
  • They don't have the money to buy it yet

Regardless of the reason, brands should still seek out these potential customers. Retargeted marketing is when brands show ads to users who have interacted with their website before but are yet to convert. That’s where AI integration in marketing can help convert these potential customers. 

As you may already know, AI software can access user information online. Once analyzed, marketers can use it to advertise more strategically. AI data analytics starts when a user types a query into a search engine. When surfing the web, a cookie embeds in their browser, which tracks their browsing activity. 

For example, a student may want to join a college overseas through sponsorship. They would type something like “undergraduate scholarship in the USA for international students.” A college can use AI retargeted marketing to display ads to students who have previously interacted with them but haven't converted yet. 

After collecting, tracking, and analyzing user data, advertisers can further use AI tools to create captivating content for higher conversions.

3) Content Creation 

The advancement of AI technologies has made it easier for marketers to create and optimize content for their audience. This ranges from a wide variety of content, including: 

  • Blog posts 
  • Social media ads 
  • Email copy 
  • Articles 
  • Videos 
  • Graphic design 

There are different sentiments about the quality of AI content, although human supervision is necessary. While people have various opinions about AI content quality, one thing it has enabled creators to do is produce optimized content faster.

Besides content creation, AI software can suggest content ideas for different audiences.  Content idea generation happens after the AI tool collects and analyzes the brand's data and target audience from its website and social pages. It’ll then suggest captivating content ideas and optimize them for higher conversions.

4) Customer Service

The traditional customer service approach is outdated. Customers could only get information by submitting their queries through emails or phone calls. 

Most colleges have previously used members of faculty to respond to student queries. This traditional system consumes more time due to students often asking similar questions. In addition, faculty can get overwhelmed by constantly responding to repetitive queries. 

Marketers now use advanced AI tools to leverage chatbots that respond to customer queries faster. When fed enough data, AI-powered chatbots can provide accurate and helpful information to users. While human customer service assistants can take longer to respond to questions, AI-powered chatbots provide instant answers, ensuring urgent concerns are solved immediately.

Using AI-powered chatbots, institutions can better tackle student queries. Brands dealing in education materials can also use AI-powered chatbots to provide better service, turning undecided buyers into loyal customers.


The arrival of advanced AI technology has affected many industries. The faster we adapt and use it to our advantage, the better. AI has the potential to improve business operations and marketing initiatives. This is demonstrated by the fact that advertisers now use AI to deliver the right content to consumers online. 

College institutions and brands can leverage AI by creating retargeted ads and personalizing customer experience. Using AI-powered chatbots to deliver better customer service also comes with big benefits.