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Scholarship Deadline: May 1, 2013 ($500)

To be eligible for the Scholarship by Design Award a student must:


1) Be currently attending school as a high school senior or as an undergraduate student.

2) Be a resident of either Canada or the United States.

3) Be currently attending school on a full-time basis.

4) Submit your "Scholarship Program Idea" below. (Detailed Instructions Below).

5) Fully complete the application below.

A) How and What to Submit:

A student must come up with a unique Scholarship Program idea that is aimed at high school and/or college students. The three most important aspects of the �Scholarship Program� that you come up with are:

1) That it is Unique � Don�t simply find another scholarship that you have heard of and copy it.

2) That it is Appealing � The more interested a student would be in applying to your �Scholarship Program� the better.

3) That it is Designed for a specific TYPE of Comapny - It is important to try and match up your "Scholarship Program" idea to a particular TYPE of business. For example, we recently launched a scholarship program for a company called Black and Lee (View Scholarship Program). Black and Lee rents tuxedo's for graduation. Thus, the scholarship essay the student is asked to write relates to this event (ie. graduation).

Note that the scholarship program idea you come up with does not have to ask the student to write an essay. You could ask them to make a video or build something or anything else you desire. Try and be creative.

In the box below, ensure your submission has the following components:

A) Name of Scholarship Program: (Come up with a unique name for your Scholarship)

B) Type of Business offering the Scholarship: (This is up to you and can be any type of business. For example, you could write Hairdresser, Tuxedo Company, Computer Company, etc..)

C) What the Student has to do to enter and win the Scholarship: (Be as detailed as possible)

B) Scholarship Program Idea:

C) Applicants Information:

1. First Name:
2. Last Name:
3. Email:
4. Address:
5. City:
6. Province / State:
7. Postal / Zip Code:
8. Phone:

C) School Information
*Current School or School most recently Attended

1. Name of School:
2. School Website:
3. Address:
4. City:
5. Province / State:
6. Postal / Zip Code:
7. Phone:
8. Fax: