Tips on Writing an Essay that will Win you a Scholarship

There are thousands of resources on the web, varying from examiner reviews to E-Learning data, from tips on how to study better, to info about various types of essays. The latter is something we want to delve into today. In particular, we will take a deep look of how to write an essay that will win you your dream scholarship.

Well, in the start we should note that there isn’t a single way that guarantees you a scholarship. There are many. Each of the winning pieces will have a distinctive style with unique points of view, even if the premises are one and the same.

Count on the Uniqueness

Exactly that uniqueness is the thing you need. Don’t go around copying others’ ideas – that will amount to nothing. Rather, if you wish to get that dream scholarship, make sure your essay stands out from the crowd. That doesn’t come to say that you need to have gone through unique circumstances – you may have, you may have not. Even if your life has been a smooth ride, that doesn’t mean you cannot give something memorable. Yes, each of us has their own experiences, thoughts, views, and aspirations. Count on them when you are writing a scholarship essay.

Make sure you have a good idea, then delve into it from your perspective. The thing the scholarship officers want to see it how well can you juggle with a certain thought. They care a lot not only about what you say, but also how you say it. They note how you are using the premises, what conclusions are you drawing, how well can you make connections between ideas.

Before you Begin

Read the essay statement several times. Such will be given to you to write on. You need to think on how you wish to respond, and which are the key themes.

What do the Key Themes Mean

When you have understood what are the key themes, now is the moment to understand what is their deeper meaning. After all, each theme can include various aspects, effects, connections, etc. Thus, you need to find out those deeper parts of the particular subject if you wish to bring in more depth into the essay – something that is always recommendable, even if it isn’t for a scholarship.

Use Enough Keywords

If you put in the keywords from the statement into the essay, you will show how well you can address the question that has been put forward. This will also show you have correctly determined which are the most important parts and that you are committed to give them acknowledgement and thought.

Start It Well

The beginning of everything may sometimes be the hardest. When you are writing an essay that will go for scholarship application, you need to start in an engaging way. If you cannot seem to find one, think about quotes or statements that relate to the theme you will explore. Then you can link those to the main part of the essay. By doing so you will show knowledge on the subject that will present your case well.

Follow the Structure

Even if you plan on making it rather creative, you still need to follow some structure. After all, you wish the readers to understand and evaluate it. So, make sure you have good introduction, body, and conclusion, all tied together. Each essay needs to have well-cut beginning, middle part, and end.

For new ideas, you need to always go to a next paragraph, even if it is a simple sentence. It is better to go for more paragraphs that are shorter, rather than put in some really long ones that will be hard on the eyes.

Don’t leave the essay at a dead-end. You need to round the end out, wrap it up well, and present a finished product. After all, you wouldn’t like a novel that seems unfinished, would you? Then why the examiners would grade such essay as the best?

As Always, Remember the Research Part

What organization is giving the particular scholarship? Or it is a company? Make sure you know about them, what their mission is, and why are they giving that scholarship. If you know your audience well, you will be able to target the essay to what they want.

Some of the organizations also give examples of previous essays that had won the scholarship. Read through them, only make sure not to copy from their ideas, but rather use it as an inspiration and information on what the company wants.

Carefully look through the limit for words or characters. Many of the scholarship essay requirements will have a certain limit. If you aren’t used to that, you can easily go over it. Some programs have a built-in word counter, but there are also such programs online.

Make Sure You Have Enough Time

When you are doing any type of essay, you need to have enough time to plan, prepare, write, and review. After all, this is a creative task that may take you a longer time than other assignments may require. Provide yourself with enough time to do all the necessary steps. Don’t skip on the preparation or the review part for you can easily miss something in the hurry.


Of course, there is no hard-proved formula that guarantees success every time. Rather, there are general ideas, notions, and tips that can lead you to the win. We tried to show you some of them so that you can be prepared for your quest towards your scholarship.