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How to Get a Scholarship: 7 Tips for Success?

Securing a scholarship is the best thing that can happen to a student. Besides free funds that you don’t have to repay, scholarships come with many perks, like providing you enough time to focus on your education and decreasing the number of loans you have to take to complete your higher education.  

It’s therefore important to research early. Apply for as many scholarships as possible and take your time to better your application.  In this article, we’ve provided you with tips on how to get college scholarships, so you can jumpstart your search and make college more affordable.

7 Tips on How to Win Scholarships

Begin Early

Start applying for scholarships earlier, don’t wait till the junior year. Prior research will allow you to find the scholarships that meet your needs and apply on time. Some scholarships are meant for freshmen and sophomores in high school, so get rid of them as early as possible.

If you’re already in senior year, don’t worry. There will still be many opportunities available. However, you may have to spend more time researching for the right scholarship.

Remember, some scholarships have limited funds. By being among the first applicant, you can secure the scholarship before the budget runs out.

Ace Your Academics

Academics performance plays a crucial role in determining if you’ll qualify for a scholarship or not. Academic scholarship always takes grades into account.

So, tie up every loose end and improve your GPA. Always complete your assignments on time to boost your grades. And if you don’t have enough time, pay Edubirdie to do your assignment; it might be an excellent solution. Online writing services like Edubirdie have expert writers who help students create interesting essays.

Besides focusing on improving your GPA, consider taking both SAT and ACT so you can have the scores you need on hand to meet a variety of requirements.

Consult Your Academic Advisor

If you’re still a student, it means you have access to the school counselor. A school counselor might know if a scholarship is a good fit for you.

Advisors are always willing to review your submission and help you improve your application and essays. So, if you’re not sure what looks good on a college application, consult your advisor.  

If your school has a dedicated office that caters to students heading to college or university, find out what services they offer. 

Dig into Your Network

Are you a member of a church group or national club? Do you work for any corporation? These organizations usually offer scholarships to their members.

Tell your coach, friends, employers, or members of your community you’re looking for scholarships. And if your parents are members of a civic or union group, you can ask them if their organizations have scholarships.

Don’t forget to check for scholarships locally. Since they’re usually not well-advertised, go through the local newspaper or visit the local library. What’s even better, these scholarships usually have less competition because they have to be awarded locally.

Always Check Scholarship Deadlines

Scholarships have different deadlines. Some are in the summer, others in the fall or spring. So, it’s wise to keep track of due dates. Mark the dates on your calendar, making the earliest deadline the deadline for all your scholarship applications.

Ensure you never miss your deadlines. If you submit your application late, there’s a high chance you might not win the scholarship.

Find A Good Mentor for Recommendations

When applying for a scholarship that needs a recommendation letter, make sure you ask a teacher who knows you well to write about your achievements.

Provide the mentors with a copy of your resume, information about the awards, and a paragraph highlighting what you would like them to emphasize in your recommendation.

Once you’ve provided them with the information they require, give them enough time to write your recommendation. Keep in mind they’re doing you a favor by writing you a recommendation letter.

Apply to Multiple Schools

Most students often worry about the amount of money they will receive from a scholarship. That should not be the case. They don’t have to depend on just one scholarship to cover all their tuition and housing needs.

You can apply for a dozen scholarships simultaneously. Here you have a higher chance of securing three of four scholarships, even if they don’t offer so much money.

Also, try to focus on applying for a bunch of smaller college scholarships and pooling the amounts together instead of going for a single famous scholarship. Try to find funding opportunities that offer a wide range of services, from textbook grants to tuition assistance to housing grants.


The truth is, you might have to review over a hundred scholarships before you can find the one that meets your needs. Don’t give up, be patient, keep your grades up, and eventually; you will score a good deal.

We hope these six tips will help you win a college scholarship that meets your educational needs. Thank you for stopping by!

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