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Is It Safe to Use Essay Writing Services?

Essay writing services are extremely popular among students since they help learners reach their academic goals. Professionals from writing agencies can complete assignments of any difficulty according to the requirements provided by customers. Important to note, they always stick to the time limits set by clients. Can you just imagine that it’s possible to get your homework done within 24 hours? 

However, many people are concerned about safety issues associated with essay writing services. Some students have a fear that they can get caught using this kind of help. But in reality, there is no reason to worry about safety if you stick to the simple recommendations given below. Here are some of the most important tips that will help you stay safe while using online writing services.

Be anonymous

If you want to be absolutely sure that nobody will know about your way of getting academic help, don’t share any personal details with writers. You should make your user account anonymous so it will be impossible to prove that you are a customer of a writing company. You can use a fake name or add a friend’s picture to your profile in order to conceal your identity. 

Don’t reveal your school

Try not to mention any details about your institution or the courses you are taking in conversations with writers or customer support managers. Always double-check all the documents you share with the agency and exclude any references to your school or instructors because this information can lead someone back to you. 


All the actions taken online leave a digital footprint. Thus, third parties can find out if you’ve turned to an essay agency. The simplest way to keep your online activities private is using a VPN. Masking your IP address is enough to protect yourself from being tracked. 

Check for plagiarism

Before submitting your assignment written by an essay company, make sure that it’s an original work. Writers must create your paper from scratch, so you won’t be accused of plagiarism. The uniqueness and quality of your work depend entirely on the service you’re using, so choose it carefully. If you’re buying an essay online, there’s usually an option to get a plagiarism report along with the paper. Make sure to opt for it just to be safe.

Adam Simon, an expert in essay writing services and a former employee of an essay mill recommends that you choose only those essay writing companies that offer a plagiarism report: “It is imperative that you choose an essay writing site that pairs every paper with a plagiarism report. If a company does that, it means that it has a strict plagiarism policy and you won’t be receiving a plagiarised paper.”

Safety issues

As mentioned before, the quality of your work is defined by service credibility. Unfortunately, sometimes students get poorly written papers from unreliable companies. To avoid this, have a look at some signs that indicate untrustworthy services. It is also a good idea to read some essay writing service reviews before purchasing essays online.

Poor writing quality

One of the most common issues that you might face while using an essay writing service is low paper quality. It may be reflected in grammar mistakes, illogical transitions between paragraphs, lack of supporting evidence, and so on. To avoid this problem, you should ask the company to provide you with samples of their work, so you can understand whether you’ll get what you need. There is also a list of top trustworthy essay writing services provided by a reliable site that reviews essay-writing companies. To stay on the safe side, you can use any company from the list to have your essay written for you.

Lack of customer support

When it comes to essay businesses, one of the most important things after writing quality is customer support. It's extremely important for students to get answers to all of their questions associated with assignments. What's more, sometimes they need to modify the requirements or add some details to their work, so communication with customer support managers is a must. Therefore, always choose services where you can get a satisfying response on time. 

Paid reviews

Some writing companies pay money to influencers for making good reviews. Of course, there is nothing bad about advertisements and every business resorts to it. But the problem is that promotion with the help of paid reviews is not ethical. People need fair reviews to understand whether a service can meet their needs or not. Hence, it would be better to avoid agencies that buy appraisal. Luckily, now you can learn how to distinguish real reviews from fake ones on the web. 

No refund

It may happen that you are not satisfied with the results you’ve got and you need another writer to revise your work. Remember that reliable services always have this option. Reputable companies offer their customers to correct the mistakes and modify some parts of a paper. What’s more, they give a refund if the task fails. So before you make an order, ask customer support managers if you can get your money back in case something goes wrong. 

Resold papers

Some agencies break their own policy and resell papers that have been written before for other customers. Typically, such actions are easily revealed so you can find information about dishonest writers on the Internet. Don’t forget to read terms and conditions while making an order on the company’s website and check customers’ comments to make sure that a service sticks to its own rules.

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