10 Wellness Tips for Freshers of All Specialties

The first year in college is both exciting and challenging for freshman students. Everything is new; you have to adjust to a new study pace, fit in with the group, and maybe find a part-time job. It is a lot to handle, especially when you live on your own for the first time. That’s why it is crucial to set up routines, healthy habits, and take care of all aspects of your life. Do not worry, just use the following wellness tips and you’ll be just fine.

Wellness Tips

1) Be proactive in studies

To succeed in college, you need to be very cautious and organized about it. Start with downloading a time management app or calendar that will help you keep up with deadlines and reminders.

Set goals for the semester and a year. Create to-do lists for each day and always break down big tasks into smaller ones. Also, keep all helping resources near you, whether it is an academic database, essay writing service, or study group. Remember that it is normal to ask for help, whether you need it. Regardless if it’s with creative writing, healthy eating, or stress reduction. It’s okay not to be able to handle everything yourself.

2) Eat healthily

The temptation to eat junk food is huge. And you probably won’t have much time to cook 2 meals every day. But nutrition is essential for both cognitive function and physical health. Avoid sugary drinks and foods, select healthier snacks (like fruits and nuts). Eat more vegetables and fruit. Drink water, try to limit junk and processed foods. Also, cook at home whenever you have time, it is also much cheaper than eating out.

3) Learn about healthcare options

The best-case scenario is that you won’t have to go to a doctor. But it is still very important to know where to go when or if the need arises. Learn about the insurance policy you have and what it covers. Find out what healthcare options are available on campus and where is the closest hospital or doctor. If you take a particular medicine regularly, find out where the nearest drug store is.

4) Be physically active

Regular exercises will help you to feel better and perform more productively in your studies. What can you do? Well, sign up for the gym or fitness classes. Learn what options are available on the campus. You can also follow some YouTube fitness tutorials. Add activity in small portions, like choose to bike instead of driving or walk to the classes.

5) Sleep

Of course, sometimes you’ll have to pull an all-nighter. But do not make it a habit. A proper sleeping schedule is essential for both physical and mental health. If you don’t sleep well, you won’t be productive in class or during an exam. Try to go to bed and wake up at approximately the same time. Do not drink caffeine drinks after 4 pm. Do not study in your bed and have a constant sleeping routine.

6) Check the sources

Whether you are working on an essay or looking for a nice new apartment to rent, always check the reviews. It is the most effective way to eliminate all the risks and save some time and money. Use only academic sources for your studies and peer-reviewed articles. Try to make educated choices on everything, like look for essay services reviews at nocramming.com. Always be cautious of the information that you receive.

7) Avoid burnout

Academic burnout is a serious problem that can cause many serious issues. You need to prevent it by time management, a healthy lifestyle, and stress reduction techniques. Here are some things that will help:

  • Keep in touch with family;
  • Have a friend or relative that you can talk to;
  • Do not work or study 24/7 unless you need it desperately;
  • Take breaks and be realistic of what you can do in a day;
  • Try yoga or meditation to beat anxiety.

Remember that no one is perfect and you do not have to be perfect either;

Yoga Breathing

8) Plan some “me time”

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to do something nice for yourself. When you are planning your day, always keep in mind that you need breaks between studies. And it is also great to devote some time to your hobbies or just relaxing activities. It can be anything you like, a walk in the park, time with friends, reading a favorite book by Dan Chaon, or playing Minecraft.

9) Take care of sexual health

This is yet another part of life that needs to be taken seriously. Always use protection and get tested regularly. Talk to your partner about getting tested, too. Take vaccination if it is available. Consider going to lectures or classes on the matter. And never do anything you are uncomfortable with.

10) Illness

If you get ill, be mindful of it. Stay at home, do not go to classes. Take care of yourself and contact a doctor if needed. Drink a lot of fluid, wash your hands, and avoid social contacts unless you know that your illness is not contagious. Try simple home remedies, like warm tea or chicken soup.

In Summary

Freshman students need to care about their well-being from the first day of college. It is too easy to get overwhelmed with studies and social life. Be mindful of what you do and how you approach it. Set up a well-thought out routine when it comes to time management, sleeping, physical activity, and diet. Remember that it is ok to ask for help and be easy on yourself.