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11 Educational Apps Every Student Should Know About

Technologies have made our lives a lot easier and enabled many to work and study more efficiently. Students find educational apps especially helpful in that matter.

Smartphones and tablets are always at hand, making learning indeed a continuous process. Whether commuting to school, going on a field trip, or just laying down on a sofa, you can study if you have a reliable Internet connection. Moreover, software developers compete for users by making their apps fun and friendly.

However, it is quite hard to find the best app for learning. Lots of new applications are being created every day, and this abundance makes the problem of choice even harder. You need a guide like a paper writer. With this resource, your essay will be written on a professional level. No worries, we’ve created one for you.

So, here is the list of top educational apps every student should try.

person using black smartphone with gray and pink case



What’s the most difficult thing in essay writing? Many would say it's essay editing. Students find it a tedious and daunting part. However, there is no other way but to accept the fact that it must be done. And no one is banning you from getting some help, after all. an ideal website that will help you prepare for exams and help you find the knowledge that you will always need in your future studies. 



Evernote is one of the most well-known apps for note taking. Students love it for simplicity and quality. It works perfectly with both iOS and Android. Regular updates from time to time add even more interesting features.

The best about this app is that students can take a note or memo in any format, literally. Be it a web clip, an audio file, or a handwritten note ­– it all gets converted into a file that is easy to read and print.


Dragon Dictation

If you find it hard to catch up with your professor while they are giving a lecture, Dragon Dictation is there for you. It can convert every speech into a digital file easy to share and print.

From now on, you do not have to hurry, trying to catch every professor’s word. Instead, you can relax and listen, knowing that everything is recorded. You can also use this app to record yourself for a project or presentation.



person holding space gray iPhone X

If you are interested in learning a new language, Duolingo is the most recommended app. You can adjust default settings based on your current level. Then, you’ll be able to progress at your own pace, learning new words and grammar.

The app is extremely entertaining. It makes learning interesting and rewarding. Duolingo also lets you learn several languages at the same time.


Google Drive

If you want to have every file within an easy reach, Google Drive is something you undoubtedly need. This app allows for creating, editing, sharing, and collaborating on various projects. You can also share your information with others, letting them review and/or edit the files.

Google Drive has been recognized as a leading app by both students and businesspeople. Such convenience makes it the top storage for all your files. You can access them from literally anywhere if you know your account information.



This app is ideal for planning and organizing your learning process. You can enter your class schedule as well as make notes of your homework assignments directly into the app. 

Thus, you’ll always be aware of the upcoming modules and tests. Moreover, you’ll be able to keep track of all your deadlines and projects.

Learning is actually all about planning and organizing. If you manage to do that with the myHomework app, you’ll most likely end the day satisfied with your outcomes.

Millions of students around the world trust with organizing and scheduling. This is a helpful app for students who usually get lost in their commitments and assignments. With you can create a to-do list and share it with whoever you need.

You can edit entries any time, set up deadlines, or mark certain obligations as completed. 



silver iPad with stylus

Quizlet has been recognized as a perfect learning tool for on-the-go studying. You can upload your materials or use some in-built databases to go through quizzes, for example. Also, there are other learning practices available to you.

The app aims to develop your learning, retention, and memorization skills. This tool is especially great for revision right before the exam.



Those who find it hard to reduce distractions should consider trying this app. SelfControl allows you to keep certain notifications silent while leaving your phone fully functional. It is also possible to receive emergency calls from your contacts when SelfControl is switched on.

Such actions will help you keep your focus on your studies. There will be no temptation to check your inbox until you lift the mode. Such an app lets you concentrate on your studies and work faster. You’ll be surprised by the outcomes.


Office Lens

Do you wonder how you can make all your pics easy to share and print? Office Lens is there to help. Using this app, you can take pictures of files, blackboards, whiteboards, receipts, etc. and immediately convert them into such formats as PDF and Word.

The app removes unnecessary shadows, cuts wrong angles, and makes the pics look both editable and shareable. It is really very much helpful when you attend lectures and take notes.

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