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8 Best Tips for Students from Professional Essay Writers

Being a student isn’t all about fun. It won’t be fair to say that studying is easy. No, it consists of hard work and multiple challenges that students face day-to-day. However, though it is natural, it doesn’t necessarily have to be such a struggle!

Studying Better: Top Handy Tips from Professional Essay Writers

In fact, even if you have never been a particularly diligent student, there are some ways to ease your college years and ensure success! You just need to know a few simple hacks. In this article, we have collected the top pieces of advice from professional essay writers. These tips will help you study better and handle your tasks at ease.

Never Procrastinate

Procrastination is the ultimate productivity killer. That’s a fact, and we bet that many of you know it. Nevertheless, procrastination is still one of the biggest issues that hold students back from success. Entirely it works for tests like SAT and ACT - you need to make do for small steps, that is one of the steps to getting success. 

Procrastination is our biggest enemy in many different aspects of life, not only while at college. We should face the truth - everyone procrastinates. However, not everyone can be called a procrastinator. The thing is that it is natural to feel tempted to set aside certain tasks, and it’s okay if you do. But, when this happens on a regular basis, that’s when the problem begins.

Use Your Study Space Wisely

Although not everyone recognizes this, where you study matters not less than how you do it. Your study space can have a significant impact on your results. And this impact can be both positive and negative.

It has been proven that a cluttered, messy desk, and workspace in general, are killing productivity. This applies to all the activities that you do. The more cluttered is the space, the less likely you are to succeed in your daily tasks!

Thus, the next tip is to start using your study space wisely. Clean up your desk! Make sure your study space is comfortable and quiet. Ensure that you have everything needed, there is enough fresh air and light, and it is generally free of distractions.


Planning by far is one of the core elements of success in any endeavor. Not without a reason, constant planning is considered to be a common habit of all successful people.

Building your own plans for a week, day, and each study session can help you get to work and get it done faster and easier. Thus, if you don’t plan yet, it is time to start!

Play Background Music

There are still some discussions going on regarding whether it is productive or counterproductive to play music while studying or working. However, the link between our brain’s cognitive abilities and music has been proven numerous times.

Playing background music can reduce stress and anxiety from studying. Also, it can make you more focused and boost memory. Due to these reasons, it is generally considered that playing some background music can actually be very helpful during study sessions.

However, there are some drawbacks as well. The core issue is that this tip is not a one-fits-all type. Some people find music extremely distracting. Thus, it is more of a personal decision. Try it for yourself and see if it works.

Be Consistent and Persistent

We’ve already talked about the importance of planning. Here’s one more thing to help you be successful in everything you do - apart from having a plan, you should be very consistent and persistent in your actions.

In terms of consistency, it is recommended to plan your sessions for a specific time. If you manage to organize a fixed routine tied to specific hours, you will handle your assignments much faster and easier. And you have not only to organize it but actually follow your plan no matter what. That goes for persistence.

Always Take Breaks

Many students make the same mistake - they start studying something and don’t let themselves rest until they finish the task. Such an approach can seem effective. However, it is not.

Numerous studies have proven that taking regular breaks while studying is a good thing. The obvious reason is that breaks help you recharge and get back to the same task even more focused. Thus, breaks boost productivity. However, one less obvious benefit is that regular breaks actually contribute to the long-term retention of knowledge. As you see, there are plenty of real-value benefits!

Set Goals

There is nothing more motivating and inspiring than having a very clear, time-bound goal. This applies to everything. With a clear goal, each of us is more likely to stay productive and avoid burnout. Thus, we recommend using this hack in studying as well. The key to setting and reaching those goals, make sure they are restricted with time, clear, and very specific.

And don’t forget to award yourself for attaining each goal you set! This is the key to success. Let’s say you have a hard topic that has to be sorted out. Set a goal to master it by the end of the month, build a timetable with smaller tasks that have to be completed to achieve this goal, and start working towards it. Then, when you reach the goal, treat yourself with something cool. It can be anything from a lazy day off or going out with friends to buying something you have long wanted to purchase. Such awards will fuel your confidence and motivate you for more new achievements!

Don’t Forget About Your Health

In a constant chase of better grades and results, students often forget about the main thing that matters - their health. It is not rare for students to develop a whole range of issues (both mental and physical) caused by sleepless nights, exhausting schedule, and lots of unhealthy habits. But here is something to ponder about - an unhealthy person barely can be successful.

Thus, to become really successful in everything you do, you should give up on an unhealthy lifestyle!

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