8 Reasons Hiring a Tutor Helps In Increasing Chances Of Passing Entrance Exams

8 Reasons Hiring a Tutor Helps In Increasing Chances Of Passing Entrance Exams

When considering the idea of hiring a tutor, many people think that they don’t require help. They’re pretty confident that they’re capable enough. Most students, however, have a lot on their plate in today’s competitive environment... sports, extracurricular activities, academics—you name it!  That's why you may find it stressful to keep the good grades up, let alone pass entrance examinations in high school or college.

The US teacher to student ratio is 1 to 16. In other parts of the world where the average classroom size is bigger, teachers are likely responsible for more students. Despite how incredible educators are, they’re still humans. That being said, when assigned to teach many students at once, it will be very difficult for them to provide one-on-one instruction, no matter how much they’d like to do it. The good news is that filling the gap is possible with the help of an in-person or online tutor.

In this post, you’ll learn how hiring a tutor helps bring out the best out of yourself and increase your chances of passing entrance exams in your dream educational institution.

1) Experience Individualized Learning

A learning process tailored to individual students is the biggest benefit of hiring a tutor, whether it be in-person or online. A tutor focuses solely on you. On the other hand, a teacher has the responsibility to educate all students in your classroom. Note that you and your classmates have different backgrounds and needs, making the whole process complicated.

An in-person or online tutor can design a unique lesson plan around a particular concept or subject that you’re struggling with. Without feeling embarrassed by the idea that you aren’t keeping up with your classmates, you can ask a tutor as many questions as you need to grasp the lesson better. As a result, you’ll be able to handle the concept or subject well when you come across it in the entrance exam you’re planning to take.

2) Master The Basics

Unsurprisingly, students who didn’t grasp the basics fully in their earlier years struggle in more advanced schoolwork and in taking entrance examinations. Hiring a tutor prevents these unfortunate scenarios from happening to you. That’s why more and more parents turn to tutors to help their children during exams. You’ll have an easier time keeping up in class and passing entrance exams when you have an in-person or online tutor who’ll help you master the basics of subjects that are naturally difficult.

If your basics are strong, you won’t have problems understanding more advanced material in the long run. As an added bonus, your chances of acing the entrance exams of your prospective high school or college institutions become higher.

3) Build Confidence

Depression and low self-esteem may result from having trouble with academics. The feeling of letting down the people who trust you will only make you feel worse. The only way for your confidence to improve is to get better at the subjects you struggle with. A tutor can help boost your confidence by focusing not only on the subjects where you’re weaker, but also on the ones you’re strong at. If you plan to take and pass an entrance examination, confidence building is crucial.

4) Achieve Efficient Learning

Every student has a unique learning style. It’s also true for you. Are you a hands-on, auditory, or visual learner?  Teachers in the classroom do their best to make sure that no one is left behind. Although it’s a good thing, the problem starts when they try to create lesson plans that cover all the different learning types.

A one-size-fits-all approach won’t work. You’ll only find it more difficult to comprehend study materials if you’re learning in a manner that isn’t your learning type. If you want to succeed, especially in passing an entrance exam, you have to find an in-person or online tutor who has the experience of working with people with the same learning style as you. Learning becomes more effective that way.

5) Develop Better Study Habits

Chances are you’re spending too much time fretting over a particular concept you’re struggling with. Fortunately, tutoring often includes time management skills. Of course, it’s something that will be very useful for you, especially during your pre-exam preparations and even on the examination itself.

A tutor can help you develop better study habits. You’ll know how much time you need to put into a specific subject or concept, while still being able to retain the most important ideas. Simply saying, you’ll learn how to study more effectively.

6) Bring In The Discipline

If you want to instill a much-needed sense of discipline in yourself, hiring a tutor is the best way to go. As you probably already know, sustained effort and revision are vital for success when studying a subject or preparing for an entrance examination. On the other hand, boredom and erratic periods of extreme interest result from irregular learning. That’s why it’s important to get into a habit of setting aside a specific number of minutes or hours every day on a subject or concept without fail. It’s not easy, but with a tutor who makes sure that the right discipline is in place, long-term success will be within your reach.

7) Remove Distractions

Too many distractions mean you might have more trouble tackling your toughest concept or subject. However, siblings, household chores, and even dinner time can make it hard for you to concentrate on your preparation for an entrance exam when you’re at home.

One way of achieving a distraction-free time to focus is through regular tutoring sessions. With the support of an in-person or online tutor, you’ll be in the right mindset that will help you focus on acing the examination.

8) Develop A Passion For Learning

When you start to struggle with a concept or subject, you begin to think that you’re not good enough, or your dream school isn’t really for you. As a result, your ability to work hard, learn, and achieve your goal starts to dip. It’s important to prevent this from happening. What you can do is to reinforce learning’s positive aspects by hiring a tutor before you become too disheartened. Seeing yourself improve will help you love learning more, making your preparations a smooth process overall.


Hiring a tutor can help you get the one-on-one attention you need, develop better study habits, and build confidence. Should you get a tutor to increase your chances of passing entrance examinations?  The short answer is yes.