14 Creative School Funding Ideas To Raise Money For A Cause

14 Creative School Funding Ideas To Raise Money For A Cause

It’s never too early or late to support a cause and raise money. Even if you’re still in school, you can help by doing some fundraising. Any kind of fundraising should never be underestimated because every cent counts. There are many creative ways on how you can raise funds to support a cause that you care about. Here are some ideas for school funding.

1)  Declare a Casual Day

You can get students excited by allowing them to wear casual clothes for a day instead of their regular uniforms. Then, you can collect a casual day fee from them and tell them that the proceeds will be used for a noble cause. To make it even more fun, you can come up with themes for each casual day. For example, the 70s theme will excite everyone and wear costumes accordingly. 

2)  Plan a Bake Sale

One of the most common ways to raise funds for a cause is to organize bake sales. The students can start baking cookies, pastries, or cakes. Then, they can sell it in bake fairs. It’s also good to coordinate with the parent’s committee for this. It’s also a good opportunity for your students to practice their business and cooking skills while bonding with their parents as they participate in the bake sale.

3)  Organize a School Fair

Annual school fairs are events that are fun and can also be an opportunity for you to raise funds. In school fairs, students are usually asked to put up game and food booths where they can earn money. To raise funds, you can ask for a portion of the money collected as fees and donate it to your chosen charity. 

4)  Set Up a Lemonade Stand

Another simple and great idea is to set up a lemonade stand. This is a classic and favorite activity for many to raise funds in school. You can help students set up lemonade stands in your school events. Then, the proceeds from all the sales of lemonade can go towards funding a cause. People can stay refreshed throughout a day. At the same time, you can help an organization. 

5)  Host a Theatre Play

Your school may already have a theatre club. You can use the theatre for a fundraising event to support a cause. Work with students to prepare a good play with great performances. Then, you can set a date for the show and promote the play on social media and by other means. Charge a ticket fee and let the viewers know that the money paid for the tickets will go towards funding a specific cause. The audience will get entertained and feel good about supporting a cause.

6)  Organize Fun Runs for a Cause

Fun runs with a purpose are greater than regular runs. You can organize fun runs and let the participants know that they’re running for a cause. The entry or registration fees should go towards funding a charity or cause. With this kind of event, the students can get fitter and enjoy while supporting something that they care about. For example, you can organize a Run for Cancer. Then, the fees will be donated to an organization that supports underprivileged kids who have cancer.

You can also be creative with the fun runs that you organize. One of the cool and popular ideas is to organize a color run. In color runs, people will be running with a white t-shirt. Then, there will be checkpoints on the track that will splatter random colors onto the runners. 

Another creative fun run idea is the neon run. These runs typically take place during the night. Your runners will have glow sticks, necklaces, anklets, and bracelets on them. It’s so cool and gives off that 80s groove vibe. You can even add a pinch of glamour by including glowing paint. The timing and overall atmosphere will make the event memorable.

7)  Start A Recycling Drive

Another way that you can raise funds is to launch recycling drives. Have students segregate their recyclable trash or bring e-waste such as old cartridges, clothes, and mobile phones to school. Then, you can collect the segregated recyclable materials and sell them off to raise money for a cause. At the same time, teachers can use this opportunity to teach kids the importance of preserving the environment and how to recycle items properly. 

8)  Organize a Car Wash

Setting up a car wash station in your school’s parking lot will be a good way for fundraising. Your students, staff, and parents can park their cars and have them washed. In exchange, they can pay a small fee as donation towards a cause that you’re supporting. This way, you can have fun washing cars and support something that you believe in. 

9)  Send Out Sponsorship Letters

There are many companies, organizations, and individuals out there who are looking for a charity or cause to support. You can have your students look for sponsors by having them send out letters asking to sponsor a cause or event that your school may be hosting for charity. Your sponsorship letters need to be very professional and clearly state the sponsorship packages that they can go for. You must let them know why they should donate to you and what they’ll get in exchange for that donation. 

10)  Set Up a Clothing Drive

 You can also try setting up a clothing drive to raise funds. First, you need to invite students, parents, and teachers to donate pre-loved clothes. Thereafter, you need to make an inventory of these items and put a price on each item of clothing. Then, invite the community and host a vintage clothing sale for a cause.

Everyone loves looking through vintage clothes and finding something rare. You can start organizing the clothes by theme when you start selling them. In addition to that, you can also charge an entrance fee to raise more funds. 

11)  Host an Auction

If you want to fire up some competitive spirit, you can host a charity auction to raise funds for a cause. You can collect some prized and vintage items from teachers, parents, and students. Then, you can auction them off during an event. Send invites to your community and some notable people that you know will be interested in taking part. People may be willing to bid higher than usual because they know that the money will be used for a noble cause.

12)  Organize a Garage Sale

 Everyone needs to do a little bit of Marie Kondo-ing in their lives now and then. Students, teachers, and parents need to get rid of some things around the house. After cleaning up the house, the items that you’re thinking of throwing away may end up being useful in someone else’s house. So, it’s also a good idea to organize a garage sale. However, there can be various types of items. As a result, it’s also very important to categorize the items carefully and filter through the items that you can’t sell. You can use the proceeds of the garage sale to support a cause. 

13)  Organize a Valentine’s Secret Sender

 Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic times of the year when couples love to surprise each other. This could also be a good opportunity for you to raise funds for a cause. You can organize a secret sender activity by charging a fee for the roses that’ll be sent to your intended recipient on the Valentine’s Day. Aside from roses, you can also charge for other services such as song dedications or surprise letters.

One of the hurdles or disadvantages with this idea is that this occasion comes only once in a year, in February. However, with a little creativity, Valentine's Day can be celebrated at any time during the year. You can name your event Valentine’s in August or whichever month it is. Anyway, it’s always a good time to express love and surprise your loved ones and friends.

14)  Do Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is another way to raise funds for a specific cause that you care about. This is the practice of funding something by pooling small amounts of money from different individuals. Usually, there are platforms online which allow you to do this. Some of the popular ones available are Kickstarter.com and GoFundMe.com. 

Students can prepare a brief and pitch, then post it on the crowdfunding platform. This way, people who also want to support the cause you care about can find it and contribute. This method can be very effective for a lot of causes. 


Fundraising in a school can be a bit difficult. However, with a pinch of creativity and teamwork, you can easily transform an event or activity into a fund-raising event for supporting a cause. There are many ways to spin an activity, product, or event into something that will raise funds. The above-mentioned ideas are just a few of them. Unleash your creativity and you can organize more activities and events for school fundraising.