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Pros and Cons of an Online EMBA

Pros and Cons of an Online EMBA

The options for obtaining an Executive Master Of Business Administration (EMBA) degree continues to grow. It’s a piece of good news for prospective business students. But, some might get overwhelmed with all the choices available. 

More and more people who are eyeing an Executive MBA degree now prefer the idea of taking one online over a traditional program. No doubt, schools offering online EMBA have started to gain momentum, even if brick and mortar degrees are still relevant. 

Online EMBAs have become increasingly prevalent, but do they really have what it takes to compete with conventional programs? This post takes a look at the pros and cons of an online EMBA.

What Is The Best Degree For Your Growth; MBA or EMBA? 

Before you decide on the format of your program (online vs traditional), you should consider the difference between MBA and EMBA programs to decide which is best for you. The best degree for your growth depends on what you’re looking to achieve. 

Here’s a great infographic that lays out the different factors to consider when choosing which degree to complete. 



The Pros Of Taking An Online EMBA

Below are the advantages of enrolling in an EMBA program online.

1)      Greater Flexibility

Most EMBA students juggle work and academic responsibilities, which can be challenging in traditional brick and mortar schools. Online programs, however, can provide flexibility through the use of asynchronous technology, such as email, recorded lectures and seminars, and online message boards, in addition to real-time videoconferencing. Thus, giving you the chance to continue with your job and maintain your income flow while learning. 

The good thing about online EMBA programs is that they don't come with relocation costs, unlike when enrolling in traditional schools. Also, commuting costs are very few, if any.

Since online EMBA programs are also going to use modern technological tools, you’ll pick up skills that could be relevant at work in the face of ever-advancing technology.

2)      The Same, If Not better, Quality Of Education

What most people fear about online learning is the possibility of the quality of education being mediocre. The truth is, while it’s going to use a different format, the curriculum in online EMBAs are still the same thing that traditional schools use. Thus, you’re still going to get the same, if not better, quality of learning at a more comfortable setup. 

If you’re one of those who have grown tired of being confined in a conventional classroom, an online EMBA program can be exactly what you’re looking for. Many experts believe that freedom online education offers can actually facilitate and improve the learning process.

You'll also never run out of real-world learning opportunities in online EMBA programs, which could be one of the significant reasons why its graduates have thrived in their careers. 

The good thing about online EMBAs is that they make use of technology to apply the newfound knowledge and skills of students in real business settings. As you know, applying theories to practice is a crucial process of preparing you for the real world.

3)      A Cost-Saving Option

Expensive tuition fee is one of the things that prevent prospective business school students from attending full-time EMBA programs in traditional top-notch universities and colleges. Online EMBA schools present themselves as, more often than not, a more affordable option for everyone. 

While it's true that a world-class online program can still be expensive, you can always find quality yet cheap ones out there, with some careful research. With online schools offering EMBA, there's no reason to stop continuing your professional development. 

There's also no need to worry about your full-time job since an online EMBA offers a flexible schedule that allows you to accomplish your work responsibilities and continue receiving your salary while learning on the side. 

You also don't have to rent out a house or apartment since there's no need for relocation when enrolling in online schools. There will also be no commuting costs unless you prefer to study in coffee shops or co-working spaces instead of doing it at home. 

4)      Face-To-Face Interaction Is Still Possible

A reputable EMBA program should always work on developing and enhancing the people management and interpersonal skills of students as they’re still some of the most important skills in 2020 and the future. Thus, an EMBA experience wouldn’t be complete without face-to-face interaction. 

It’s the reason why some people still hesitate to enroll in online business schools because of fear of isolation. They think that it’s all remote. However, this is not the case. 

Online EMBAs have a ‘meet-up’ element in their curriculum. Other opportunities for face-to-face interactions also include forums, as well as domestic and international conferences, which serve as an avenue for students and professors to meet each other.

5)      Enhances Familiarity With Technology

The perceptions about online EMBAs have drastically changed, from a negative one twenty years ago to a more positive light today. It's because the world has become increasingly techno-centric. 

That said, EMBA graduates should have excellent familiarity with technology to thrive in their workplace. It's a skill that most companies look for in a business leader nowadays, and it emphasizes the importance of obtaining an online EMBA degree.

The Cons Of Taking An Online EMBA

Before enrolling in an online EMBA program, there are some factors to consider. Below are its potential downsides.

1)      Requires Greater Discipline

It’s easy to focus on your studies when taking a full-time EMBA program in a traditional brick and mortar school. However, it isn’t the case with online EMBAs.

You have to balance family, work, and studies when taking an online EMBA program. Despite how busy your schedule can be, you have to find time to go through your coursework. Thus, the need for greater discipline and better time management. 

Studying outside the traditional classroom may also lead to procrastination, especially if you’re planning on going through coursework at home. Feedback and guidance that are usually readily available in conventional programs may not be present in online EMBAs, as well.

Again, these things wouldn’t be so much of a problem when you know your priorities and as long as you work on having greater self-discipline.

2)      The Course May Take Longer Than Conventional Programs

While it’ll only take you as little as a year to complete a physical EMBA program, online EMBAs can take longer. It’s especially true if you’re going to juggle work and academic commitments.

That being the case, you still wouldn't want a rushed experience. Ask yourself if you can really learn to become an effective business leader in a year. If that's impossible for you, then an online program is still your best bet.

Online EMBAs can also be more comprehensive despite taking more time. Also, since you can work at your own pace, you'll more likely retain every information in the course. 

Final Thoughts

If it's your full-time job that hinders you from pursuing an Executive Master Of Business Administration degree, online EMBA may be the answer. Choose one that perfectly suits your learning style, as well as requirements and objectives.

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