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Essential Items Law Students Should Have When Going To Class

Essential Items Law Students Should Have When Going To Class

Going to law school is an entirely different and unique experience compared to going to any other university degree. With law school, there's that added pressure, as, without a doubt, your lessons are going to be so much harder. Readings and casework studies are going to pile up. So, you're going to expect a lot of writing, reading, memorizing, and analyzing.

While many of today's students use gadgets such as handheld devices and laptops, this doesn't mean that school supplies are no longer a necessity. There are many essentials that you still have to buy to help your studies. In fact, with law school study essentials such as noise-canceling headsets or earplugs, vibrating body alarm clocks, phone-operated loop-replay soundtracks, and clock-activated room lighting, you'll find that you can study effectively and better.

Are you gearing up to start law school very soon? Keep in mind this more basic list of essentials that you'll need to buy and use to prep for law courses.

1)      A Good Quality Backpack

Yes, law school students prefer to use backpacks. Even though you're going to be dressed more formally than other students on the campus, a backpack is still the favorite bag of choice for law school students. This is so for a very good reason. In law school, you're going to go through a lot of books. You'll be bringing laptops and other gadgets that help you study. Then, there are snacks, lunches, notebooks, and other supplies. Your backpack must be sturdy enough to be your mobile study desk. 

While it helps to have everything kept in one bag, you also want easy access to liquids on outside pockets as well as solar recharging for your music and lectures, cellphone, and tablet. That way, when you go to school, you know that you haven't left anything essential.

When choosing from a great selection of backpacks, the most essential factor to consider is functionality that includes long-lasting quality. Remember that your bag will be going to go through a lot of wear and tear. Your bag of choice needs to withstand the weight of the things that you'll be bringing along with you.

2)      A Good Quality Backpack

Even when you're not the type to listen to music as you study, wireless headphones are still good to have. They're one of the best investment pieces that you're going to have as you go through your entire law school studies.

With a wireless headphone, you can block out all the noise from wherever it is that you're studying. Even if the library or the coffee shop that you're studying in is noisy, you don't have to move to another place. You can still focus on what you're reading as you've blocked out all the noise around you.

3)      Highlighters, Pens, Pencils

When choosing a pen for you to use, the best tip for you to follow is to select that type and brand of pen that you're going to use right from your first year, and up until you pass the Bar Exams. If you don't have a pen of choice, you can take tips from experienced students and professional lawyers about their tried and tested pens. Then, buy one of each and test it out yourself.

A pen may be a small thing but it plays a significant role as you go through law school. When you go through a lot of writing and note-taking, you're going to need to have a pen that you're comfortable using. It has to be smooth to help you write faster. 

Highlighters also come in handy as you read through your books. As to how many colors and what colors, this is solely a matter of personal preference. Generally, the choice will be dependent on how you're going to use the highlighter. Others use small sticky notes instead of highlighters to keep pages pristine.

4)      Water Bottle

A water bottle should be on the list of essential items that a law student should buy. When you leave your room, be prepared for long hours of study. You'll need to be hydrated. Rather than buying water all the time, it's better to bring your own water bottle and refill. Away with expensive fluid intake. Sip even during lectures and under-the-tree breaks.

5)      Flash Drive

A storage device or flash drive is essential. Law students go through a lot of case studies, readings, and references. You'll want to be able to share documents easily with your classmates, dorm-mates, and teachers. Should the Internet connection fail, a flash drive can hold copies of your notes, references, and your personal library. 


When a year of law school is about to open, you have some shopping to be done. Books, notebooks, gadgets, school supplies… the list can go on and on. To keep you focused on the most essential needs, a list can help you as you shop.

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